Wrestling at UMD

As a former wrestler I found this article quite interesting. I remember visiting UMD and looking at the conference Champ Pennants up at the fieldhouse.



Tim K

about 15 years ago

I only knew a few of the details here. This was a great read and should be a more well known story in Duluth!

frank nichols

about 15 years ago

Having been a wrestler at U.of Mn. with Reid Lamphere, I was always curious what happened to the UMD wrestling team. It was a respected team and then it was gone. What a sad story.

Matt J

about 15 years ago

Any way we can get this more circulation in the area?

James Langer

about 15 years ago

I was on the last wrestling team UMD had, the whole season was a controversy of funding being cut, women's sports being blamed etc. In the end we all think that the football hockey teams wanted a little more money and didn't want to cut any spots, even if they had to trim just a few. The wrestling team was one of the cheapest sports out there for UMD, all we needed was a room! 
Still feel for all the other wrestlers who lost their scholarships and all the supports that being an athlete at college can provide. Not to mention that one of the football coaches (who happened to be the locker room "warden") took all of our uniforms and equipment and gave them out to his football players. Boy the people I saw wearing wrestling stuff the next year got some crap from me!!

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