Low: Lies


From the new album, Ones and Sixes

Port City Lights


Short time-lapse video shot from Spirit Mountain by Dennis O’Hara.

Grey Timberwolf at Brighton Beach

Grey Timberwolf in Duluth - photo by Ken Greshowak

Ken Greshowak sent PDD this photo shot near Brighton Beach on Sept. 27.

Mr. Nice For Mayor


Join the campaign here.

Mr. Nice Mayoral Campaign Event at Bent Paddle during Bradfest


Continuing his run for mayor, Mr. Nice gives the opening toast for the Bradfest fun run/bar crawl.

Join the campaign here.

North Shore Fall Colors Fly Over

See the stunning autumn leaf colors on Partridge Ridge in this short aerial fly over. Location of aerial drone fly-over was here:  https://goo.gl/maps/CXdaCCbWctn

John Vachon’s Duluth Milk Company Photos

Child drinking milk

MPR News did a series of stories on John Vachon earlier this year, which was noted at the time on PDD along with a Duluth Milk Company photo. Today we present the rest of the Duluth Milk Company photos and a link to the lot of 61 Duluth images Vachon shot in August of 1941, from the collection of 170,000 photographs from 1935 to 1945 created by the United States Farm Security Administration and Office of War Information.

Duluth Population: 1860 to 2010

Duluth Population Chart

Since the only long-range Duluth population chart on the Internet seems to be an old one published on Perfect Duluth Day before the 2010 figures were available, here’s a new one.

Trampled By Turtles Commemorative Handprints Project


Where in Duluth?

File Oct 05, 12 22 33 PM

Should be an easy one, I’m guessing.

This Week: barbers, birds, Barnard and more

Untitled design
Here’s a bit of what you’ll find in this week’s PDD Calendar:

The Zinema kicks off their October slate of Jody Kujawa-hosted horror flick offerings with the original Evil Dead, Amber Rose arm candy Machine Gun Kelly plays the DECC, at-large City Council candidates square off, Gaelynn Lea opens her music studio, The Barber of Seville opens in Superior, The Birds come squawking and scratching into Teatro Zuccone and Billy Barnard brings the jazz.

The Bottle Jockeys headline the Red Herring, there’s a corn-maze hootenanny, Oktoberfest is happening on Friday and Saturday, there’s a spooky art opening, Boo at the Zoo is back again and so are the Harbor City Roller Dames.

Visit Uptown Superior … or Downtown Superior or the North End

Visit Uptown SuperiorThis past summer a new marketing effort was launched in Superior to attract people back to the downtown area, which struggled through a long Tower Avenue reconstruction project in 2013. The strip has seen a number of new businesses spring up on the fancy new avenue, but also still has numerous vacant buildings. It’s a work in progress. The joint effort of “collected businesses promoting each other” to “highlight the diamonds in the proverbial rough” is called Visit Uptown Superior.

Why is the downtown now the uptown? Isn’t “uptown” a word to describe a residential area? Well, this part of Superior is the North End, and people tend to think of north as up … and maybe these business intend to “Uptown funk you up.” Let’s not overthink it. Below is the back of a promotional postcard highlighting the collective businesses in said Uptown.

Visit Uptown Superior postcard

Postcards from Chester Park

Scene in Duluth Chester Park

“Chester Park is popular both in summer and winter,” according to old postcard propaganda. “In it is located one of America’s highest ski jumps and also Chester Creek, one of several flowing thru the city in which trout may be caught. Duluth is the only city in the United States where trout fishing is possible within city limits.”

Well, we know the famous ski jumps came down in 2014, but there seems to be another fact in there worth examining. Was Duluth at one time really the only city with trout fishing? Prove it or debunk it, dear reader.

In the meantime, here are more snappy postcards …

Know Your Duluth Liquor Laws!


Over the next week or so, Zenith City Online is publishing five separate stories on the history of Duluth’s liquor laws so that voters and elected officials can better understand the historic context of the issue they face in this November’s citywide referendum. I have included links to all five stories below so you can read them now. This issue is embedded in misinformation and myth. In fact, former Mayor Herb Bergson recently told Zenith City Online he vetoed a 2007 City Council resolution to request the repeal of the 1891 law because he believes that all of Lakeside and Lester Park was a gift to Duluth from the philanthropic Marshall sisters (Julia and Caroline) and that Myrtle Marshall, who fought to keep the law in place in 1973, was one of those sisters—none of which is true. So here’s a chance to catch up on Duluth liquor history so you can make a well-informed decision on this issue.

Selective Focus: Duluth

Tamara Jones

Tamara Jones, “Full moon over the Lake”

There is no way to comprehensively describe Duluth with an inane little photo feature, but I do think this week’s image’s alternations between grandeur and ruin say something about this place; what we value, what we’ve let moulder. Duluth is a place where our failures aren’t hidden. Its broken roads and crumbling industries, all set on that capricious gem of a lake impress the psychic landscape, and inform our present strivings.