Thirsty Pagan opens new beer garden

Kelsey Picek and Allyson Rolph at the Thirsty Pagan beer garden

Kelsey Picek and Allyson Rolph in the Thirsty Pagan beer garden

Beginning this weekend, Twin Ports beer lovers have another option for outdoor imbibing. Thirsty Pagan Brewing’s new beer garden held its soft opening on Friday. The brewpub at 1623 Broadway in Superior is known for its tasty brews and delectable deep-dish pizzas.

The beer garden occupies a space behind the building that is fully fenced and can be accessed via the parking lot. It features several oversized picnic tables and can seat about 25 people with standing room for about 25 more.

Improved habitat boosts lake sturgeon recovery in St. Louis River

Jeramy Pinkerton and Anna Varian of DNR fisheries hold the largest sturgeon ever sampled in the St Louis River.The sturgeon, 65 inches long and about 53 pounds, was captured April 20, implanted with an acoustic transmitter and PIT tag and released.

Jeramy Pinkerton and Anna Varian of DNR fisheries hold the largest sturgeon ever sampled in the St Louis River. The sturgeon, 65 inches long and about 53 pounds, was captured April 20, implanted with an acoustic transmitter and PIT tag and released.

OneRiverMN-Logo-FC-BadgeFollowing years of clean water improvements and habitat projects, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources reports that lake sturgeon are returning to the St. Louis River in larger numbers. DNR fisheries staff are embarking on a new research project to study the growing numbers and learn more about how these long-lived, native species use the river and Lake Superior throughout the year.

Commerce on the River: Demolicious

Demolicious - Dianne Anderson

OneRiverMN-Logo-FC-BadgeDianne Anderson launched Demolicious in 2000, creating a public drop-off site for everything but the kitchen sink. Well actually, Demolicious will take kitchen sinks. It will take anything but household garbage, hazardous materials or chemicals. Anything else is fair game, but mostly the business receives construction waste. Clients can drop off their trash or rent a roll-off, which is a large waste container Demolicious will drop off empty and pick up when filled.

Materials get sorted and separated. Wood, for example, gets grouped together and ground into wood chips. What can be recycled is recycled. The business has many repeat customers, especially contractors who use it often, as well as one-time users who wish to discard things like old furniture.

Tender Nads

Chris Godsey Saturday Essay

For one long moment after I unintentionally swooned over a young man’s testicles, all 70 students in the UMD class I was teaching stayed mostly silent.

The incident happened in 2003, during an otherwise average session of Introduction to Cultural Studies. UMD’s course guide says the class, “Examines how cultural practices relate to everyday life by introducing students to each of the four core areas of the Cultural Studies minor: Identity Politics, Media Cultures, Cultures of Space & Place, and Cultures of Science, Technology, & Medicine.” My teaching contract was in Writing Studies, but the Sociology/Anthropology department faculty member in charge of Cultural Studies heard I might be into teaching something different, and my department head was cool with the idea. It’s been one of my favorite experiences in 20 years of trying to help people learn things.

I seek opportunities to participate in conversations with students and anyone else about how belief, intent, socialization, and other forces intersect to influence our actions. I approached Intro to Cultural Studies as an extended problem-posing conversation. I’d start most days by naming an example of something most of us in the room take for granted or don’t notice, then I’d ask a bunch of questions like, “Why do we do it that way? What happens if we try to do or see it differently. What if we did it for reasons different from the generally accepted ones? Who gets to decide?”

“Crazy in Love” — Denfeld Lip Dub 2016, version 2


Denfeld Lip Dub 2016The original Denfeld Lip Dub for 2016 got the ol’ copyright smackdown from YouTube for usage of the Jay Z song “Run This Town.” For those of you who missed the Gold version, here’s the Maroon one.

Superior Siren – “For Mother”


Superior Siren Laura SellnerSuperior Siren performs a new track in this video, produced by Lola Visuals.

Upcoming gig:
May 6, 10:45 p.m., at Spurs on First during the Homegrown Music Festival

PDD Pronunciation Guide: Karpeles


Karpeles PronunciationIn episode three of Perfect Duluth Day’s Pronunciation Guide series:

Bridgette Baker, Karpeles Manuscript Library‘s assistant to the director, demonstrates the proper pronunciation of “Karpeles.”

St. Louis River Story: Sharon Rogers


OneRiverMN-Logo-FC-BadgePeople in the St. Louis River watershed shared their connection to the river with WDSE-TV during the opening reception for The St. Louis River: Diverse Connections at the Duluth Art Institute. In this installment, Sharon Rogers talks about the quiet of the river, the birds, the wildlife and the flowers.

Selective Focus: Jordan Sundberg


This week’s Selective Focus profile subject is Jordan Sundberg, an illustrator and designer with a deceptively simple style. She tells her story below.

Fever Dream : Ever Child teaser trailer


Duluth Home Inspector Recommendations

Looking for recommendations for the best home inspector in the area … thanks in advance!

Norm’s Beer & Brats Demolition Video


normThe old Polish Club meets its demise. Video by Tony Rogers.

PDD Pronunciation Guide: Teatro Zuccone


Teatro Zuccone Pronunciation KeyIn episode two of Perfect Duluth Day’s Pronunciation Guide series:

Andy Bennett, Zeitgeist Arts creative director, demonstrates the proper pronunciation of “Teatro Zuccone.”

The Boomchucks – “Antidote”

Boomchuck BirdYes, another video for this song was released a year ago, but hey, the Boomchucks like to make videos. In fact, The Boomchucks Home Movie premieres Friday night at the Red Herring.

The new “Antidote” video was shot at the Red Herring, outside the Zeitgeist Arts Building and at Carmody Irish Pub. It contains almost as many birds as a certain pair of videos from the PDD Archive.

Duluth Band Profile: Gaelynn Lea

ThumbGaelynn Lea ventures into her own with All Roads Lead Us Home. She reminds us, struggling musician or frustrated listener alike, that endearment isn’t perfection; it’s knowing how to be perfect on your own terms. Click on the image above to hear the interview.

Upcoming gigs:

April 30 at College of St. Scholastica and Red Herring Lounge
May 2 at Sacred Heart 
May 6 at Electric Fetus, Beaner’s Central and Teatro Zuccone