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The Rathskeller at Tycoons Alehouse

Rathskeller1 Rathskeller2 Rathskeller3 Rathskeller4 Rathskeller5 Rathskeller6

The Rathskeller, located in the sub-basement of the new Tycoons Alehouse and Eatery, opens Thursday, March 15.

This week is the official grand opening at Tycoons, which opened on New Year’s Eve. The Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce is performing an official Happy Hour Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on Thursday at 4 p.m., which will mark the opening of the Rathskeller. Tycoons is also introducing a new lunch menu this week. Check out Tycoons events on the PDD Calendar for grand opening hoopla and more.

Where shall we watch the Vikings lose?

I’m heading in to Duluth today to do some shopping, and I’d like to catch the Vikings game at a local establishment. I live in the sticks and I don’t know enough about Duluth yet to know of a good place to go.

Requirements: game must be on. Reasonably good food – more than just deep-fried bar fare. Places to sit (not super crowded). Not too dive bar-ish.

Help me, PDD. You’re my only hope.

Gay bars, spurs, gaming, tomatoes and other random Duluth-related matters

Here’s a bunch of reasonably credible information that I didn’t have time to delve into for details this week, so I present it as a clump of bullet points (with arrows as bullets).

  • There are plans in the works for a gay bar in Downtown Duluth on First Avenue West.
  • There’s a rumor floating around that another bar will open in the same vicinity. It will have a Western theme and be called Spurs.
  • Tycoons is still several weeks away from opening, but is shaping up to be one of Duluth’s most unique dining and basement-cave drinking experiences.
  • A new shop for gaming opened in West Duluth on Nov. 1. Dungeon’s End is across the street from Beaner’s Central.
  • There also appears to be some kind of indoor- “tomato”-growing shop opening on Central Avenue, right next to 101 Deals. It’s called the Interior Tomato.
  • Trampled by Turtles and the Minneapolis-based band Motion City Soundtrack are releasing a split 7-inch record together on Nov. 21 in which TBT covers an MCS song and vice versa.
  • Cloud Cult has recorded a cover of the Beatles song “Help!” for the Minnesota Beatle Project Vol. 3 album. All the proceeds will be donated to enhance music and art education programs in Minnesota public schools. The album is scheduled for release on Dec. 6.
  • Cloud Cult has also contributed a new song to a compilation benefiting the Children’s Hospital of Minnesota (no release date yet).
  • Walter Raschick is the new director of the Homegrown Music Festival. The previous director, Shana David-Massett, moved back to Florida in October.
  • Kristin Duckart is the new executive director of the Duluth Art Institute. She replaces Samantha Gibb Roff, who left Duluth to become director of development for the Institute of Contemporary Art at the University of Pennsylvania.
  • I’ve heard no reports on whether Upper Lakes Foods has found a manufacturer to produce Connolly’s Tom and Jerry Batter for this holiday season, but we should see it in stores in the next two weeks if it’s making a comeback.

Shenanigans Bar & Grill in Superior

J.T.’s Bar in Superior is now called Shenanigans. Anyone have any info on this? Is it still a GLBT bar? Do they still have fish fry Fridays? Dance music?

(1506 N. Third St., Superior WI, 54880)

Cheapest Tap Beer in Duluth

I’m a poor college kid, where can I go to get the cheapest tap beer in town and on what nights? Overall, what is the cheapest bar that still has a fun, non-sketchy crowd?

R.I.P. Nellie Bird, owner of Les Bird’s Bar

Nellie Bird, longtime owner of Les Bird’s Bar in South Superior, died Nov. 27. She was 90.

Nellie felt that everyone who came into her bar was a friend. The feeling was mutual.

Profile from the Superior Telegram:
Wisconsin bar celebrates 50 years

Kozy Bar 2008 Video

Dance music in Duluth?

Last night my brother, my good buddy, and I were DJing at Hell Burgers and had a friggin’ blast doing it. I was thinking about the clubs and bars in Duluth, and I was wondering what the DJs there play, if any DJ at all. Do you think that Duluth even has a scene where DJs playing dance/house music is even wanted? I’d like to get a normal thing going at some bar or club to play fresh tracks, but I’m wondering if it’s worth my effort, or if I should just go for Twin Cities gigs?

Input would be gnarly! And thanks to everyone who came out and supported last night!

Iron Ore Bar in Tower, Minnesota

I heard it referred to by one of the locals as “Beirut.” It’s actually quite the normal-looking bar on the inside.

Bedrock Bar / Tom’s Junkyard / Roby’s Bar & Lounge / Slippery Saloon / The Amber Flow — Timeline of a West End Bar


The post “Minnow Swallowing Contest in Duluth” led to a discussion about where the Amber Flow Bar was located. The answer quickly emerged … 2023 W. Superior St.

Time for a little tavern genealogy …

Explosives in a car behind the Twins Bar?

Duluth Police have three city blocks on lock down and employees at SMDC have been asked to stay inside and cannot go home. I heard there was explosives found in a car behind the Twins Bar. Anyone know what’s going?

[Update] Some dumb ass was “transporting” some dynamite in his car for a “friend” and then got cold feet. He then pulled over and called the police.

Sixty-five Superior Saloons

Sixty-five Superior Saloons.

Molly Spaun, owner of Molly’s Bar on Tower Avenue in Superior

Has anyone else had the pleasure of speaking to Molly Spaun about prohibition and prostitution in Superior during the 1920s and ’30s? I did, but my memory is clouded. She tells stories of speakeasies and debauchery. It was a lawless time and fascinating history about the Twin Ports.

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