Dance music in Duluth?

Last night my brother, my good buddy, and I were DJing at Hell Burgers and had a friggin’ blast doing it. I was thinking about the clubs and bars in Duluth, and I was wondering what the DJs there play, if any DJ at all. Do you think that Duluth even has a scene where DJs playing dance/house music is even wanted? I’d like to get a normal thing going at some bar or club to play fresh tracks, but I’m wondering if it’s worth my effort, or if I should just go for Twin Cities gigs?

Input would be gnarly! And thanks to everyone who came out and supported last night!


john derke

about 14 years ago

The Red Star or basement parties.


about 14 years ago

I spent a handful of years doing basement shows - they definitely have their good and bad points. I have not found a place in the Twin Ports playing contemporary dance and hip hop tracks. Red Star does have DJs that highlight specific genres (house, jungle, disco etc) however I rarely hear new club music anywhere outside of, maybe, the Flame or JT's on certain nights.


about 14 years ago

Red Star has had a regular hip-hop DJ for over two years now. Every Tuesday night you can get all the freshness of contemporary and classic hip hop. For house and disco, go across the bridge and hit up the Flame or JT's for sure. Superior has more club atmosphere than Duluth does for some reason. Anytime a new restaurant with a bar opens up it wouldn't hurt to go ask the owners if they are looking to have a down tempo DJ play. 

DJ gigs in Duluth aren't easy to come by, but just like any musical act you gotta put in the work and make it happen. The NorShor reopening that creates a lot of possibilities, so maybe check that out. If you have all your own gear then you can advertise to do private parties, weddings, etc.


about 14 years ago

I didn't know people danced in Duluth except at cougar hangouts and during Blues Festival. Both are ugly scenes.


about 14 years ago

Chris? Alex? is that you?

OMGNESS do we need some new DJ's in this area.  Red Star plays all house music and while some is good, most is just too weird to dance to.  Grandma's always plays the current favorite hip hop/pop even if it doesn't have a decent beat to move with.

I briefly ended up at Score this past New Year's and the DJ was AWESOME.  I went to ask for his card so I could recommend him to other clubs and of course, he was from the cities and hired to come up for just the night. :(


about 14 years ago

I'm 38.  I would love a place that had DJs and yet was a comfy environment to chill with a cocktail and listen.  At the Red Star, most of the time, there is no buffer between me and the kids.


about 14 years ago

"There is no buffer between me and the kids."

Don't tell the Acceleratii.


about 13 years ago

Cougar hangouts with dancing? Where!? I'd love to go out dancing with people over 21!


about 13 years ago

DJ gigs are really hard to come by these days in this area compared to years ago.  I am a former head DJ for Grandmas Sports Garden 1999-2006. And also I have DJed other places such as Stargate Nightclub (OMG what a joke!) the Tap Room, CC Tap, Score on couple occasions and other places that don't exist.  And did a couple gigs in the Twin Cities.

There are quite a few place these days that are offering live music but, how many of those places do we really need in the area? I have been DJing for 13 years and lately have been doing private parties (even though it's good money).  But, I totally enjoy nightclub DJing more than anything because it fits my overall style of DJing.  I wish the bars in the area would step up and get something going.

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