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Trampled By Turtles, My Morning Jacket, Band of Horses tickets in Somerset, WI

I have two tickets to this show that takes place this Friday, August 10th, and I need to sell them to someone else because I can’t go. If you are interested (and live in the Twin Ports area), shoot me an e-mail at aleblan2 @ css.edu.

The Crunchy Bunch – a DJ collective

Hello Duluthians of P.D.D. My name is Alexis and I am a member of The Crunchy Bunch. We are a DJ collective that is all about spinning funky and bangin’ tunes while having a good time. We have spun at a ton of different events; from small art shows to having a spot at the Rex during Homegrown. We are all down to spin where ever for whatever, whenever. We just love hearing loud music on big speakers. A couple of us also produce and remix on our own time. If you throw a party, event, or a get together of any sort that needs dance music, let us know! We are looking for any kind of business we can get. We really want to get our foot in the door of the Duluth music scene and possibly bring our part of the world of DJing to a new community. You can contact us via Facebook or Soundcloud.

Duluth Summer Dance Music Festival

I have been tossing around the idea of wanting to throw a Duluth-based summer dance music festival. This festival would center around the theme of dance tunes and Minnesota (or greater Midwest) musical acts. This would not just include DJs, but a combination of bands, DJs, collectives, and whatever other kind of dance-oriented groups would be interested.

Duluth Electronic Music

It seems that there has been an increase of DJ’s and electronic music artists in Duluth. I’ve been told that anyone with a laptop can write electronic music. This is true, but usually it’s not very enjoyable to listen to. Either way, I like to mess around with it. I thought I’d just share with the community a hobby I’ve been working on for maybe a year now. Music is as subjective as any art, so it’s cool not to like it. If you have any critiques or comments then let me know! I’d love to hear how much you enjoy or don’t enjoy what I’m doing.

Mr. Ness

Note: My project name has nothing to do with Mayor Ness.

Cities Never Sleep CD Release Party!

Thursday, Dec. 2, Cities Never Sleep releases its new full-length album at Grandma’s Sports Garden! Other bands are featured and house DJs the Crunchy Bunch. Come rock and roll!

Funky Fresh Friday – DJ Dance Night at Hell Burgers

Once again, DJs Branologic, White Privelegé and Nessie will be spinning nothing but the phrestest new tracks and the phattest oldies. Put on your dancin’ shoes and get ready to bob your head.

Prepare your ears to hear tracks from such artists as: Daft Punk, Crookers, Mr. Flash, Justice, Sebastian, the Bloody Beetroots and much much more…

Open to all ages, but for you 21+ers, it’s $3 pints all night! The kitchen is open until midnight, so you’ll have a chance to grab a burger too.

Friday, Sept. 3, 11pm-1am. @ Hell Burgers

Dance music in Duluth?

Last night my brother, my good buddy, and I were DJing at Hell Burgers and had a friggin’ blast doing it. I was thinking about the clubs and bars in Duluth, and I was wondering what the DJs there play, if any DJ at all. Do you think that Duluth even has a scene where DJs playing dance/house music is even wanted? I’d like to get a normal thing going at some bar or club to play fresh tracks, but I’m wondering if it’s worth my effort, or if I should just go for Twin Cities gigs?

Input would be gnarly! And thanks to everyone who came out and supported last night!

I hate those family rental bikes

I was longboarding to work today on the Lakewalk, riding on the paved section like I should, and I ended up behind a family riding those huge rental bikes. I yelled, “On your left!” and then continued to repeat it. They apparently never heard it, or didn’t care. I had to squeeze past them, and they ended up running into the fence because they freaked out. Their little girl started crying and said she couldn’t breathe and had a panic attack. I stopped and checked if they were all right, and they were.

I don’t believe those things should be used on the boardwalk. Actually, I don’t think they should exist in Canal Park at all. They are big, people don’t know how to correctly use them, and they just get in the way of bike/board/walking commuters.

Sorry if someone reading this owns the stand that rents these, or if you love them so much that you are offended by this, but I still hate them.

Zombie film in Duluth?

I was thinking of my favorite zombie genre films. I’ve always thought that Duluth would be such a great setting for a post-apocalyptic zombie film. We have great terrain and the different sections of the city have their own cool spots that could be filmed. I hope someone does this someday. I even came up with a story.

“After the recall of kombucha tea, the Amazing Grace decided to brew its own batch. Little did they know the hell they were about to unleash upon the city of Duluth, Minnesota.”

Short and stupid, I know.

Canal Theft Park

It always sucks to have something stolen from you. Recently (within the past 3-4 days) I was sitting down on the north side of the pier right by the bridge with some friends, when I walked away to go back to my car, realizing: Oh wow, I forgot my backpack! So, not even 5 minutes had passed, and when I went back to get it, it was gone. I thought, “Oh, someone just picked it up and will read my contact info on the inside and call me later.” That never happened. It was a black Duluth Pack that was given to me from my girlfriend, and then inside was my favorite pea green sweater ever, my iPod Classic, and then my headphones. In the front pocket was a whole lot of fun stuff too. So, I’m just saying, if anyone has it, please return it. I’d be so thankful and probably give you a few bucks for being an awesome person and returning it. If I find you wearing it, I’m going to have to punch you.

My Morning Rhymes

In the morning at the crack of dawn down in Canal Park, I watch the sun breaking through the grim dead of dark. I stand behind a counter to make sure people get their smokes, and watch the kids run around with their different folks. The hillside is coming down so they all can get their toaks, no drinks so they all got their different strokes. Yes, sometimes I choose to be under influence: of my brothers, my sister, or just my common sense. Hence, I make my own decisions seeing life with my own vision, and with great precision I thee wed this great division. So to all of you today, I say, test a water that’s uncharted, cause this is my day, and I’m just getting started.

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