Zombie film in Duluth?

I was thinking of my favorite zombie genre films. I’ve always thought that Duluth would be such a great setting for a post-apocalyptic zombie film. We have great terrain and the different sections of the city have their own cool spots that could be filmed. I hope someone does this someday. I even came up with a story.

“After the recall of kombucha tea, the Amazing Grace decided to brew its own batch. Little did they know the hell they were about to unleash upon the city of Duluth, Minnesota.”

Short and stupid, I know.


Rubber Chicken

about 14 years ago

We won't have zombies, but we will have Candarian demons and lots of flying blood, live onstage, right in front of you (and ON you, in some cases).  Live theater is better than film anyway.

Rubber Chicken Theater presents:  "Evil Dead: The Musical" October 8-30 at The Venue at Mohaupt Block!


about 14 years ago

Can't say I ever really thought about it, but that's a pretty cool premise. I really like zombie movies, one done with Duluth would be awesome!


about 14 years ago

The book "World Wide Z" name drops Duluth once by mentioning the "warlord of Duluth."  The context was about some of the difficulties the federal government had while trying to reclaim the United States from zombies.  According to Brooks pockets of human resistance remained scattered across the country.  Some welcomed the returning federal government, some did not.  So there's your zombie fan fiction idea...who was the warlord of Duluth, how did he or she survive the Great Panic and then organzie the city to defend itself and finally why did the people of this area not welcome the return of the military and feds?

Bad Cat!

about 14 years ago

YESYESYES!!! You had me at "Zombie film in Duluth"! That would be so much fun to do!


about 14 years ago

Duluth-Mpls director guy Nick Kapanke started an awesome-looking zombie movie project here years ago. I saw a trailer, but I don't think he ever got it finished.


about 14 years ago

We need a warlord of Duluth.


about 14 years ago

I thought baci was warlord of Duluth. He's even got a Navy that looks to be getting bigger soon.


about 14 years ago

I give you HCIZ -- yep film students at Harbor City School. 


about 13 years ago

How are you sure that's what Brooks meant (about Duluth)? And how are we all so sure this was Duluth, MINNESOTA? It's not the only Duluth in the country. I'm asking because I've been reading the book and I am ON that page right now, and so now I'm searching the net trying to find out exactly what Brooks meant by "The New Grand Warlord of Duluth". So far this is the only place that gives any sort of answer at all. But how can you be sure?

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