Iron Ore Bar in Tower, Minnesota

I heard it referred to by one of the locals as “Beirut.” It’s actually quite the normal-looking bar on the inside.



about 14 years ago

That place is awesome!  About seven years ago or so Mike Wilson got Bone Appetit to drive up there and play the Tower "civic center."  We drank at the Iron Ore Bar all day.  It used to be a meat packing plant from what the bartender told us.  Good times.


about 14 years ago

Been there... pretty ok place.


about 14 years ago

Who distributes Grainbelt on the Range?


about 14 years ago

3rd of July you can get a wristband and pretty much drink all around town.  They even sell beers from a fold up table on main street.  Great set up for minors.  [Beirut] hosts a huge outdoor concert...last time I went I spent most of my time being grateful I wasn't a cop.


about 14 years ago

Two thumbs up.

Dave Christensen

about 14 years ago

We were up there two weeks ago, and the bartender told us it was an icehouse for a brewery next door, which was torn down long ago. So, who knows, but what a cool building.


about 13 years ago

According to an ad in the April 9 issue of the Ely Timberjay, the Iron Ore Bar ended operations Saturday night, April 9th, "due to a death in the family."


about 13 years ago

Bet you could get it for $300,000.

Les F

about 12 years ago

Now its down to $225,000. The artist's rendering of what it could look like is a far cry from its current look.

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