Molly Spaun, owner of Molly’s Bar on Tower Avenue in Superior

Has anyone else had the pleasure of speaking to Molly Spaun about prohibition and prostitution in Superior during the 1920s and ’30s? I did, but my memory is clouded. She tells stories of speakeasies and debauchery. It was a lawless time and fascinating history about the Twin Ports.


Barrett Chase

about 15 years ago

FYI: Molly's Bar has been closed for a few years now. The bar in that space is now called the Tower Avenue Tavern.


about 15 years ago

And it blows. No more homos and gangsters hanging out together.


about 15 years ago

There is a book called Badger Bars and Tavern Tales that has quite a bit about Superior as well as the rest of Wisconsin.

mrs. G

about 15 years ago

Is Molly still alive?  She seemed as though she would outlive her son.

B.D. Forsberg

about 15 years ago

Molly is alive and well at age 95. Last summer, my husband and I located her at her new residence, took her out for dinner and had a delightful visit.  She is so mentally alert and razor sharp with good recall in regard to the events that occurred around the waterfront.  Each time we travel up to Superior, we visit her and always enjoy her many stories. She should write a book about her life experiences.

B.D. Forsberg

about 15 years ago

Mrs. G., how do you know Molly? I am interested in hearing from you.

John Koss

about 14 years ago

Molly is my great aunt!

Robbie Levine

about 14 years ago

Is Oscar her son still around? Does anyone have a picture of him? We use to be friends in the early 1970s.

M Luzaich

about 13 years ago

Can anyone tell me is Molly still alive, or how she is doing? I have been  trying to find out more about the history of the Serb side of my family. I know our families were very close friends and almost like family. My father spoke on the phone with her about four years ago, but he  passed  before we were able to visit with her. I have been wondering how she was ever since. There have been no updates since 2009; if anyone has any info please let me know. Thank you!

Paul Lundgren

about 13 years ago

About ten years ago there was a Molly CD release party at Molly's Bar. I don't know if Molly was a musician or exactly what was on the CD, but, well, there was a CD release party for Molly is what I'm saying.


about 11 years ago

M Luzaich,

Molly is my Aunt. My parents were Alex and Annabelle.  I recognize your last name.

Molly is still alive, as is Oscar, they are living in a senior apt. complex in Superior. I don't know if they are listed in the phone book, but any O'Kash that is would be able to tell you how to get in touch with Molly.

Paul Lundgren

about 9 years ago

Molly Muench

Molly O’Kash Muench Spaun died in April 2013. Judith Liebaert, who wrote the comment previous to this one three years ago, has authored an article on Zenith City Online that tells the whole story.

Molly Muench: Two Sisters from Superior, Part 1

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