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DuluthiLeaks: Pastoret Terrace Rebid Request for Proposals

The Duluth Economic Development Authority has put out its third request for proposals to redevelop the Pastoret Terrace, a building that has been condemned since 2010. Though previous redevelopment proposals were deemed unsatisfactory and the threat of a wrecking ball has long loomed, the building will continue to stand … at least in the short term.

For the fifth edition of DuluthiLeaks — Perfect Duluth Day’s series in which public documents are presented as if they contain secret information leaked from an anonymous whistle blower — we present: “22-5504 Rebid Request for Proposals: Historic Restoration Pastoret Terrace.”

The Kozy 2010/2020

Top: Kozy Apartments on Nov. 17, 2010 — two days after a fire.
Bottom: Kozy Apartments on Nov. 17, 2020 — 16 days after a fire.

Aerial View of Pastoret Terrace

Duluth’s symbol of 19th Century opulence and 21st Century blight is the subject of this recent aerial video by Jack Rendulich. Pastoret Terrace is best known in modern times as the Kozy Apartments and Bar, which closed after a major fire ten years ago today — Nov. 15, 2010.

Pastoret Terrace burns again

The vacant Pastoret Terrace building at 129 E. First St., condemned since a 2010 fire, once again was ablaze on Sunday.

Kozy Fire III: The Building That Refused to Burn (Down).

What’s up with people trying to burn down the Kozy? Anyway, I wasn’t all that surprised to come upon the eerily familiar site of firetrucks flanking the decrepit shell of our beloved Kozy last night. In retrospect: WTF??? Does anyone else think that restoring the property (NOT to its 2010 condition, silly!!), and making it a hub for the new/improved, swinging (yet still fringe) First St. business district is a good idea? Bring on the snide remarks (Constructive comments are also welcome.).

Kozy fundraising event Sunday night at Chester Creek Cafe

Music change: Terrol and Jane will be in the wine bar from 7 to 8:30pm. Other bands will be in the dining room as previously posted. Spaghetti dinner is at 7pm, not 6.

We have some great stuff on tap and in the auction (could always use more) there are some beautiful things. This is gonna be so fun!

Kozy Bar 2008 Video

Fire at Kozy Apartments

Kozy Bar burning in downtown Duluth

A News Tribune reporter on the scene said the upper floors are fully engulfed and it appears the building could be completely destroyed.


A Little Kozy History

An earlier post about a car hitting the Kozy brought a discussion of the building, so I thought I’d share what I know of the building. So here’s some info on the Kozy we at X-Comm have gathered for a forthcoming book, Duluth’s Grand Old Buildings.

Kozy Crash

Apparently a car ran into the Kozy Bar. I am not making this up. I did not get the whole story.

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