December 1977 North Pole Bar Robbery

Karen Barta has the story for NewsCenter 6.



about 12 years ago

So much about this is so cool ...

1. The "Anchorman" intro music and collage of downtown Duluth .. I could watch that for hours
2. Karen Barta is HOT!
3. She said "Jerked the Money Pouch"
4. I want a 1976 DPD squad car
5. The Super bank dude has some odd looking emblems on his chest, they're um ..anatomical and tattooed


about 12 years ago

I want that theme music to be my theme music!  Anytime I walk into a room...

And P.S., very cool orange Starsky/Hutch/without/white-swoop car.

Barrett Chase

about 12 years ago

That's a thorough, detailed story. Present-day TV news can learn a lot from this, starting with the intro. NNC: get yourself some wah-wah.


about 12 years ago

The orange car looks like a 1970 Chevelle.

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