Children’s Health Fair

Sponsored by the Duluth Children’s Museum

When: Saturday, May 9th from 1 to 4pm
Where: Duluth Depot Great Hall

Depot admission price gives you access to the Health Fair and the Duluth Children’s Museum.
The event is free for Duluth Children’s Museum members.

The Health Fair will feature:

Information booths
Story time
Puppet show
Family yoga mini-classes
Drawings for free memberships

It’s 1773.


I spied the tea party today in Duluth. Actual tea was put into the harbor, loose and packet form. My question is: What public employee is gonna clean it up without people paying taxes anymore? I’d post a few pics but I’m not finding the upload button. Help?

Get yer Geek On!

Geek Prom is only three days away!
Are you feeling appropriately geeky/nerdy/dorky?


  • 56 Geeks – how many flavors of geek are you?
  • Dork Yearbook – vintage geeky photos celebrating the truly dorky among us
  • The Geek Code – only those who know the secret can see how geeky you truly are
  • Geek Monthly – show your mailman just how nerdy you are ($6.00 off with code “2da3”)
  • Geek Test – do you even qualify to be a geek?
  • Nerd Merit Badges super nerdy badges to proudly display your geekiness
  • Pathetic Geek Stories – real life geek humiliation in comic form
  • Think Geek – where to spend all of your geeky dollars
  • xkcd – these stick figures know all about math and geeky subculture

Poetry Discussion at Northern Lights Books

Tomorrow, Thursday, April 16th, 7PM, Ryan Vine and I will be hosting a reading/discussion on contemporary poetry. Our rules for the evening: Non-famous, Non-local & Non-dead. Bring in a poem by your favorite poet who meets the criteria above – we’ll have a sharing of poems read aloud. And also bring in your questions. We’ll be speaking of where we go for information on new poets and poetry, reviews, magazines, websites, etc. We’ll also speak to our impressions on some current trends in poetry. Any other contemporary poetry concerns you want to bring up will be very welcome!
See you there (if you’re not at the DECC)!
7pm, Thursday, April 16th, Northern Lights Books & Gifts 307 Canal Park Drive
(if you sign up for our newsletter at by noon, Thursday, you can print off a poetry coupon Thursday evening)

A Gen Y life in a Greatest Generation place

Hi folks. My name is Aaron Brown and this is my first post here. I run a blog up on the Iron Range called and wrote a book called “Overburden: Modern Life on the Iron Range” that came out recently.

This Friday, April 17, my “Don Quioxe de l’Iron Range” tour returns to the Twin Ports. I’ll be giving a lecture and reading from the book during a special appearance at the Manion Theater in the Holden Fine Arts Building on the campus of my alma mater University of Wisconsin at Superior.

I like Superior. It reminds me of the Iron Range and enjoys some of the same reputation for some of the same reasons. It’s a blue collar place that grew quickly about 100 years ago with a huge influx of immigrant workers. Now the critics call it dirty and downtrodden, but I think there’s a charm in its gritty ways. Like many Range towns, they combat their foes with a dazzling logo. I write often about the same ideas in regard to the Iron Range. In any event, UWS is a fantastic small liberal arts public university and I’m proud to return as an author instead of as an out-of-work grad student.

I talk a lot about the challenges facing Gen Y professionals in rusty places like the Iron Range. As a fifth generation Ranger I’ve learned to love the place and its potential, but bang my head on many walls along the way.

The lecture begins at 2 p.m. and will be followed by a book signing and what the university is calling “light refreshments.”

Read more from UWS.

My blog explains more about the book and the travails of modern life on the Iron Range. It’s part humor, part politics … if there is, in fact, a difference.

Thursday at the DECC

Jimm Gaffigan Thursday at the DECC … I’m all a flutter.


5 bedroom, 3 bath, view of bocce courts


Several years ago I took my kids to the playground at Wheeler Field. We went into the clubhouse for a bit, and I read the signs that explain the history of the place and the Wheeler family. We went back outside, and I got into a time-traveling kind of mood, imagining moving away from the places I know for this vast wilderness, running a pioneer’s household without the help of other women, giving birth to babies here. This mind trip was made easier by looking at the huge, wooded hill behind us. “This is what it would have looked like to her, too,” I imagined.

But that’s not the case anymore. I was there on Tuesday, and saw this house being built. It’s too late for me to take a “before” picture, but I looked it up on google maps. I can’t see where the road to the house would be, but I guess it’s connected to Skyline.

I don’t usually feel like development is bad. My house is on developed land, right? Who am I to tell someone else they can’t have a house, too? But being witness to the first sticking-out-like-a-thumb house on this hill makes me sad. I suppose by the time my kids are grown, the hill will be full of houses.

Homegrown Banners

Hey kids, we know you’ve got ’em, and we want to see ’em. Turn your best Homegrown photos into PDD banners. We’ll try to rotate Homegrown-specific banners during the Homegrown Festival. Same rules apply, the image must be 960 pixels wide by 167 pixels high. Don’t stretch or squish the image to make it fit, that always looks bad. The Perfect Duluth Day logo will be added by PDD’s art department. Or, if you’d like, you can add it. 

E-mail if you want the Photoshop template with the logo

E-mail your banners to [email protected], and we’ll start organizing them.

Also, a reminder, the banners go up on Flickr eventually. If anybody wants to add info about their shots in the Flickr comments, that would be cool.

Zen Identity @ The Cove 1991

The complete Zen Identity @ The Cove 1991 concert can be found on my YouTube Playlist Channel here: . 

Feel free to leave comments and carry on the discussion about this great band at that location.



Your Turn to Serve!

The Arrowhead Regional Arts Council is Seeking New Board Members

The Arrowhead Regional Arts Council is currently accepting applications from individuals wishing to serve on its Board. The following four Board positions will be open as of July 1, 2009: the Student Ad Hoc position, the Lake County position, and two At-large Board positions. The ARAC serves individual artists and non-profit arts organizations who reside in the seven counties which make up the Arrowhead Region: Aitkin, Carlton, Cook, Itasca, Koochiching, Lake and St. Louis.

The Score Bar Olympics

Score Bar Olympics Poster

Come play bags toss, beer pong, wii bowling, & darts to compete for the title of the ultimate drinking team! Teams consist of 4-8 people & the entry fee is $5 per person. Includes First Beer Pitcher Free!

Sign up at Score or call 218.623.6706 for details

lots of shots from around here

We\’re Here, We\’re There, We\’re Anywhere


A couple jugglers (amateur is ok) and mimes for HG performance. I’ll pay you 10 bucks.


[email protected]

Happy 100th, West Duluth Masonic Temple


Euclid Masonic Lodge 198 was dedicated on March 31, 1909. State Grand Master Eugene Swan presided over the services. About 800 people attended.

One hundred years later, it appears vacant and up for sale. The location is 611 N. Central Ave.

Get your post Geek Prom freak on

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