Robert Plant to cover two Low songs!

I know Duluth rock legends Low are constantly receiving honors and critical acclaim for their music but it doesn’t get much more impressive than this: Robert Plant (yes, Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant) is covering two Low songs from The Great Destroyer (“Silver Rider” and “Monkey”) on his upcoming album to be released in September.  So cool, quite an honor!

Robert Plant Returns To Americana With Band of Joy



about 14 years ago

That is awesome.

Paul Lundgren

about 14 years ago

Sweet. This is definitely better news than when Marilyn Manson ... um ... covered Bone Appetit.


about 14 years ago

Not the best picture of Bob on that site.

Paul Lundgren

about 14 years ago

Ya think? He looks like he took 15 Xanax tablets, drank a bottle of glue and woke up in an alternate world on a cot in the backroom of the pawn shop he operates in Flagstaff.

If that was the best photo from the shoot, I don't want to see the worst.


about 14 years ago

At least he's not wearing a fur hat with ear flaps ;)


about 14 years ago

I like silver rider.


about 14 years ago

Would PDD consider creating a new category for posts: "Sparhawk Stuff"? He seems to warrant one.


about 14 years ago

Perhaps thte 'Additional Dates' may include Duluth as a stop?


about 14 years ago

If this is true, way to go Al!

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