The Black Labels – “Blackboard Jungle”

Recorded at Beaner’s Central, now known as Wussow’s Concert Cafe, the week in September 2002. The track appears on the double album One Week Live at Beaner’s.

Shippee – “To You: (Merry Christmas)”

Duluth’s Blake Shippee has a new Christmas song. The video is directed by Lance Lindahl.

The Slice: Amnicon Falls

Amnicon Falls State Park, located about 20 miles southeast of Downtown Duluth, is known for its upper and lower waterfalls, carved through dark basalt and Lake Superior sandstone.

In its series The Slice, PBS North presents short “slices of life” that capture the events and experiences that bring people together and speak to what it means to live up north.

Northwoods Creatures in Wild Remote Country

This latest montage from Voyageurs National Park shows critters over a 1.5-month period this past spring.

The camera was set up by the Voyageurs Wolf Project, which is focused on understanding the summer ecology of wolves in the park. But the otters kind of steal the show in this video.

Rafe Carlson – “Backroad Love Story”

The latest from Hermantown native Rafe Carlson is this video from Bo Allen Productions‘ “Unwound Sessions.”

Big Into – “Velvet Drill Bits”

Two-piece groovy nerd-rock band Big Into is releasing a music video every month for each new track off of its upcoming EP. In the first, Curtis Kraft Mattson and Jozef Conaway are in a frantic quest for serenity that leads them down a long, winding path. What will they find?

Beyondbliss – “Comp. Glitch”

Superior-based rapper David Kittelson, aka Beyondbliss, asks if we are living in simulation in this video for a track from his new album Born Deaf.

Gaelynn Lea Talks About Disability Culture and Creativity

Duluth musician Gaelynn Lea is an advocate for connecting the creative disability community and reframing disability not as negative, but as a form of diversity. In this Twin Cities Public Television segment she talks about disability culture and performs a few of her songs at the American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis. The segment is part of the “Disability, Culture and Creativity” episode of TPT’s mini series Art + Medicine, which aims to destigmatize disabilities through stories, art and performances.

Rafe Carlson – “Bound to Get Burned”

Hermantown native Rafe Carlson has a new single, captured in this video from Bo Allen Productions.

Burning Down the House

Duluth’s Jean Kirwan compiled this montage of “catastrophe, calamity and chaos from classic comedies.”

MN Moder – “Shooting Star”

The latest from Duluth-based hip-hop artist MN Moder is for all the dreamers. The video was produced by Montclair Media.

Summer Vignettes of Minnesota Wildlife

This montage of trail camera footage from Voyageurs National Park includes a bobcat and her kittens, a black bear, a deer, a coyote and several moose.

The camera was set up by the Voyageurs Wolf Project, which is focused on understanding the summer ecology of wolves in the park. This particular camera has been removed because the area is kind of swampy and there were no wolves traveling on the trail all summer.

Beyondbliss – “Try Tomorrow”

Beyondbliss is joined by Slug and Jaze on this track from his new album Born Deaf. The visualizer was made with an artificial intelligence program.

What happens every time Kip uses his view camera in public

“No. Seriously. Every time,” Duluth photographer Kip Praslowicz insists.

Untethered: Patricia Canelake

Over the summer, Prøve Gallery hosted Untethered, an exhibition of paintings and prints by Patricia Canelake of Knife River. In this video by Frank Sander, Kelsey Lundberg interviews Canelake about the simple figures and animals, leashed and unleashed, that are the focus of her work.

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