Beyondbliss – “Try Tomorrow”

Beyondbliss is joined by Slug and Jaze on this track from his new album Born Deaf. The visualizer was made with an artificial intelligence program.

What happens every time Kip uses his view camera in public

“No. Seriously. Every time,” Duluth photographer Kip Praslowicz insists.

Untethered: Patricia Canelake

Over the summer, Prøve Gallery hosted Untethered, an exhibition of paintings and prints by Patricia Canelake of Knife River. In this video by Frank Sander, Kelsey Lundberg interviews Canelake about the simple figures and animals, leashed and unleashed, that are the focus of her work.

The Slice: The Great Catsby

A wandering cat in Duluth’s Lakeside neighborhood was memorialized in bronze back in 2017. In this video, artist Ann Klefstad tells the story of the Great Catsby, who sits near 40th Avenue East and the Duluth Lakewalk.

In its series The Slice, PBS North presents short “slices of life” that capture the events and experiences that bring people together and speak to what it means to live up north.

A Show Stopper for Debbie in Duluth

Duluth is mentioned on the Hulu comedy mystery series Only Murders in the Building. In season 3, episode 3 — titled “Grab Your Hankies” — actress Linda Emond plays the role of Donna DeMeo, an investor in a Broadway musical who believes strongly in the importance of show-stopping songs that will draw in people like “Debbie from Duluth.”

Longtime PDD readers will recall that Steve Martin, co-creator of Only Murders in the Building, posted a clever Duluth tweet in 2012 after playing a concert at Bayfront Park.

Beyondbless – “Born Deaf”

The latest from Superior-based rapper David Kittelson, aka Beyondbliss, is the title track from his recently released album Born Deaf. The video uses artificial intelligence to take a trip through a human ear and experience sound for the first time as Kittelson raps about what he went through as a child born deaf.

Breanne and Anya Tepler – “It’s Time to Go to Bentleyville”

It’s not quite time to go to Bentleyville yet, but members of the Tepler family have a new music video ready for when Duluth’s annual holiday light display opens Nov. 18.

Rachael Kilgour – “Ontario”

“Ontario” is the third single from Duluth native Rachael Kilgour‘s new album, My Father Loved Me.

Minnesota in the ’70s: Sigurd Olson, Reserve Mining Case, etc.

This 2013 Twin Cities Public Television documentary provides a few snippets related to the state’s northeast corner, including Duluth. The show was produced with the Minnesota Historical Society Press and inspired by the book Minnesota in the ’70s by Dave Kenney and Thomas Saylor.

40 Below: The Toughest Race in the World

Duluthian Marius Anderson’s film 40 Below will be the featured film on Friday, Oct. 6 at the 2023 Duluth Superior Film Fest. The film follows entrants in the Arrowhead 135 race in International Falls during the depths of Minnesota winter. It’s one of many Minnesota-made films screened at the fest; the full schedule is on the Duluth Superior Film Fest website.

Below are more Minnesota-made movie trailers.

Video Tour of Mariner Business Center in 2021

Brandon Novy produces videos of “dead, dying, or interesting malls (and anything related) in and around Minnesota” for the YouTube channel Yodeling Loon Retail. In 2021 he visited Mariner Business Center in Superior — formerly Mariner Mall — for his first video of a mall outside Minnesota.

John F. Kennedy’s 1963 Duluth Speech

Sixty years ago today — Sept. 24, 1963 — President John F. Kennedy spoke in Duluth during the Northern Great Lakes Region Land and People Conference. The event was held in the University of Minnesota Duluth’s Physical Education Building.

League of Women Voters of Duluth Candidate Forums

The League of Women Voters of Duluth recently hosted forums in the Duluth Public Access Community Television studios featuring candidates on the General Election ballot.

The forum embedded above features mayoral candidates Emily Larson and Roger Reinert, recorded Sept. 20.

Northern Lights over Grand Marais

Via WDIO-TV, time-lapse footage of the Sept. 18 northern lights by David Johnson, captured in Grand Marais.

North Shore and Grand Marais Aerial Video

Lake Superior shoreline and waterfall scenes from TruNorth Productions.

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