Duluth News Tribune publishes article by white nationalist

On Nov. 25 the Duluth News Tribune published an opinion article, ostensibly about over-population, by a writer flagged by the Anti Defamation League for white nationalist comments, and for appearing on a notoriously anti-semitic website.

This is an example of white supremacists trying to mainstream their anti-immigrant views by couching those views as concerns about overpopulation and sustainability.

The author, Frosty Woolridge, has elsewhere argued that, “Those who practice Islam have no ethnic identity with English and European culture.” He has also said that “African culture is … diametrically opposed to ours. That’s why so many blacks are in prison.”

And there’s more. This is from a “Christian” website, which quotes the Neo-Nazi website the Daily Stormer in the same article:

Wooldridge warned: “This is what’s coming to our country. It’s a multicultural morass. Blacks, Muslims, Indians, Hispanics and Asians don’t want to become part of mainstream white society. They prefer to remain separate. Thus, we’re importing our demise as a civilization. The U.S. will become the victim of its own self-inflicted destiny.”

With rumors circulating that President Barack Hussein Obama via executive order will grant amnesty to 30 million illegal aliens following the midterm elections, a question must be asked: Is Obama deliberately trying to destroy America’s cultural heritage?

“It’s possible that Obama’s trying to bring this country to its knees,” said Wooldridge. “The easiest way to do so is by creating a multicultural society that kills America by its sheer numbers. In terms of amnesty for 30 million more illegals, I can only conclude that our nation is being culturally and religiously fractured on purpose.”

It seems like a serious lack of oversight for the Duluth News Tribune to contribute to the mainstreaming of a white nationalist writer. They got fooled. We should not.



about 5 years ago

I've noticed a more conservative tilt since the DNT was taken over by the Fargo Forum.

Dave Sorensen

about 5 years ago

This guy is an extremist, not a conservative, but I don't think the DNT knew of his views on race when they ran his article. And, by the way, what he calls "explosive" population growth in the United Statea is actually the slowest rate of growth in 80 years.


about 5 years ago

Thank you, Dave.  You're right to point out that extremist does not equal conservative.  I'm concerned by the DNT's lack of editorial rigor.  And, thank you, Pdd.

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