Cool new census tool

New York Times: “Mapping America: Every City, Every Block”

Do with it what you will. I think it is very interesting.



about 12 years ago

Segregation anyone?  

Thanks B-man, now I have a place to point people when they tell me that "everyone in Duluth is white."  Or my favorite "there are no black people here."

One beef I have with this and a lot of census data is that they lump Native Americans in with the "other" group.  Sure the First Americans might only make up 1-2 percent of the current population but it still grates on me ... like another form of genocide, taking away the very name of a whole group of people.


about 12 years ago

I am one of those people who wishes Duluth had more diversity. I don't really understand why this makes some folks so defensive. 

The map shows that nearly all census tracts have less than the national average fraction of blacks (~14%). The map shows an awful lot of white people. The USA is about ~75% white, while Duluth is over 90% white. These are just facts. Why get defensive about it?


about 12 years ago

Check out Lakeside and Minnesota Point ... all green.


about 12 years ago

@ SecretSeasons - You're right I might be a little sensitive about that and I don't mean to be.  Duluth could use more diversity and despite the diversity that we do have ultimately it is quite white you are very correct.  But to clarify my feelings, I think my biggest problem is with people who don't "see" the diversity that is here.  Even worse, I am bothered by people who only frequent those 90-98 percent "white" areas completely missing out on the cultural richness that we do have here.


about 12 years ago

It is interesting to see where different races are the minority vs. the majority.  

The demographics for Duluth were no surprise. I would like to see the same map on a global scale.


about 12 years ago

The map for my neighborhood of Billings Park in Superior is completely useless because the census tract includes the Superior Municipal Forest, the third biggest muni forest in the nation.

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