Travel Time to the Twin Cities – first hand accounts?

I have an early appointment in the Big Cities on Friday. Have any of you made a run to St. Paul within the past week? If so — how much more time should I budget in with construction being what it is? I’m sure the drive back up late Friday afternoon will be lovely. Serenity now!


Paul Lundgren

about 12 years ago

I think there is an electronic sign on I-35 somewhere in the Wade Stadium vicinity that estimates travel times to Hinckley via I-35 or Highway 23.

I used to always go with Highway 23 because it's a more fun drive and doesn't take much longer, but since I got nabbed for speeding on Easter Sunday I'm thinking of just turning in my license and giving up.


about 12 years ago

I went to the airport and back this past Saturday. There are several one-lane sections of I-35, but they clip along pretty good at 55-60 m.p.h. Also, at least that day, 35E was completely closed from 94 down to 494. I would suggest sticking with 35W.

Lawrence Lee

about 12 years ago

Just did the Skyline Shuttle to MSP and back last week. I think if there was a delay it was a matter of minutes. Nothing appreciable.


about 12 years ago has good construction info, may have estimated times as well.


about 12 years ago

I had to drive to the Cities and back on Sunday. I-35 was choked down to one lane, and at about 1:00 in the afternoon the southbound traffic was stop-and-go for miles. It took me about 45 minutes longer than it usually does to get to the Cities. Northbound was no problem. 23 would have been a better route south.


about 12 years ago

If you are leaving really early on Friday you may well be dismayed once you get south of the 35E/35W split. Big stack up with commuters this week. Depending on where you are going to in St. Paul I might recommend going 35W and coming in on 280.

Worse yet will be the traffic getting out of Saint Paul on Friday afternoon anytime after 3:00! It is walleye season and full on cabin traffic. Again, I'd consider 280>35W>35E.


about 12 years ago

I just drove to the airport and back yesterday early morning (arrived at 8 a.m.). With construction and rush hour, it took 2 hours and 45 minutes. The delays came from rush hour, not the construction zones, though most single lane parts saw cars only pushing 45, 50 tops. I was on 35W.

So depending on how early morning or not, just plan a bit extra for rush hour and you're golden.

[email protected]

about 12 years ago

Dude.  Just sit out rush hour in a bar, coffee shop or restaurant and get on the road later Friday.


about 12 years ago

I drive it weekly. Takes about 2.5 hrs. I jump on 61 in Wyoming to St.Paul.

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