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I-35 tunnel at Leif Erikson Park completed 29 years ago today

The History Channel website mentions Duluth today in its “This Day in History” feature, pointing out that Duluth Mayor Gary Doty cut the ribbon opening the 1,480-foot–long Leif Erickson Tunnel on Interstate 35 on Oct. 28, 1992.

Artists sought to create visuals for Highway 61 Revisited project

Duluth Waterfront Collective is seeking four artists to create visualizations of its Highway 61 Revisited project. As first reported on Perfect Duluth Day in May, the project attempts to redesign the I-35 corridor where it splits Downtown Duluth and the Canal Park Business District.

Duluth Urban Design Project: Highway 61 Revisited

What better time could there be for sharing grand expensive visions than during a pandemic, when Duluth and virtually all municipalities are under tremendous financial duress?

Hey, ideas are just ideas, right?

A group of designers and unofficial community planners known as the Duluth Waterfront Collective has been working on a “what-if?” project called Highway 61 Revisited. The basic task is to redesign the I-35 corridor where it splits Downtown Duluth and the Canal Park Business District.

Summer of ’65: I-35 Route Proposed on DM&IR Railway


Fifty years ago — Aug. 12, 1965 — the DNT reports the St. Louis County Legislative delegation will explore a proposal to route Interstate Highway 35 over Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range Railway right-of-way. The great I-35 debate, of course, wouldn’t ultimately be settled for another two decades.

Running race through the tunnels on I-35

Saturday, Sept. 14, will be the inaugural Tunnel 10K running race, starting at Fifth Avenue West and heading east on the freeway through the tunnels. At the 5K point you will turn around and finish where you started. This race is part of the Northshore Inline Marathon series of races. There is also a half-marathon running event, a half-marathon skating event, a 26.2 mile roller-skiing marathon and, of course, the race that made us famous, the 26.2-mile Northshore Inline Marathon.

Travel Time to the Twin Cities – first hand accounts?

I have an early appointment in the Big Cities on Friday. Have any of you made a run to St. Paul within the past week? If so — how much more time should I budget in with construction being what it is? I’m sure the drive back up late Friday afternoon will be lovely. Serenity now!

Smooth Sailing on I-35

popping-champagne-corkThis just in from the Minnesota Dept. of Transportation:

All lanes of I-35 in Duluth open to traffic
I-35 Mega Project substantially finished

DULUTH, Minn. – All Interstate 35 lanes and ramps in Duluth are open to traffic now that crews have completed the majority of work on the I-35 Mega Project.

I-35 Mega Project — Final Complaints

Since the I-35 reconstruction is wrapping up and the freeway will be getting back to normal soon, it’s probably a good time to get rid of any lingering road rage.

So … wow … did the past two years suck or what?

Merging in construction zones on I-35

I know previously someone started up a conversation about the proper use of the merge lanes on I-35, but I am unable to find that posting.

I now have been honked at, given the finger, had one woman actually move her car to block me and then just sit in the left lane blocking traffic, because I’ve properly used the left lane for merging and have zipped past all those who have chosen to sit and creep along in the right lane.  My husband has actually had cars swerve out at him as he’s passed, which is now making me nervous to even attempt to use the merge lane.

Have any of the local news stations talked about this? It’d be sweet if they’d all remind people that those of us who actually use the left lane and merge at the appropriate point are the one’s doing the correct thing.

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