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Who won Homegrown 2012?

This poll is now closed. The results were:

Bratwurst – 13.6 percent
Gallus – 9.6 percent
Tangier 57 – 7.2 percent
The Blasphemists – 5.6 percent
The Surfactants – 3.8 percent
Big Wave Dave & the Ripples – 3.1 percent
The Keep Aways – 2.9 percent
Dead Guys – 2.9 percent
Sexhawk – 2.4 percent
Various other bands – 48.9 percent

Kickball of the Living Dead

The 2012 Homegrown Kickball Classic has already been referred to as the “most pathetic in Homegrown history,” and if you were there you would know this as fact. There were beer bongs. There was a full-body chicken suit. There were children who may or may not have been scarred for life. Through it all, Saturday’s team came through with a 6-4 victory, but it wasn’t pretty.

Homegrown 2012 Photo Retrospective

View the full set of 226 images from Homegrown 2012 on Flickr.

Homegrown Origin Mythology (part 1 of 3)

Our story begins in the year of our Lord, nineteen hundred and ninety eight, A.D. in a city built upon a hill, overlooking the greatest of the Great Lakes, the Zenith City of the Unsalted Seas – Duluth!

For those too young to recall, these were dark days in our fair city.  The musical landscape was largely barren – a virtual wasteland of yellow beer and cover bands.  A dark cloud hung perpetually heavy upon the arts community.  A fog of pessimism and oppression obscured the vision of what this city could offer and whispered a sinister, “move to Minneapolis.”

In this darkest hour, a small group of rebels were desperately fighting to establish a foothold for original live music and authentic culture.  One dark and dreary night they gathered at Enger Tower.  Among the rag-tag group of rebels – Bacigalupo, Monroe, Lindquist, Brewhouse Boys, The SparHawk, and Rick Boo.

Homegrown Music Fest Twitter Feed #hgmf12

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Aaron Gall and the Likely Story – “White Boy Drunk”

This is Eric Dubnicka and Jessica Hall’s contribution to the Homegrown Music Video Festival. There is an encore presentation of the video festival Tuesday night at Teatro Zuccone and a double encore on Sunday at Chester Creek Cafe.

Quizzard. Slizzard. Gizzard.

Dear Homegrown Diary


The mayor was late at Tycoons but, given his pre-proclamation speech involving the real/made-up story of Homegrown, which may or may not involve a story of fire-ring elves, makes sense and is forgiven.

Mr. Ness went on to win the Homegrown Pub Quiz at Carmody, leading to a who’s-who of wearing the chicken hat. Devon yelled well, and everyone got a prize.

For this old slag, the Repo Man-style back at Tycoons was worth an open-eyed listen after so many hemp-inspired ales.

There was much talk of slipping over to Luce, or back to Carmody. I’m sure readers can fill in.

Safe to say, it was a rowdy first night, leaving one to wonder if we all can hold out. I save my strength, it looks like Monday is here.

Homegrown 2012 Resource Rundown

Today, ladies and gents, marks Day One of Homegrown: The Apocalypse. Homegrown banners are in rotation here at PDD, and you can still submit new ones if you’re so inclined.

Homegrown Band Count, 1999 to 2012

“Ten bands, then 25, then 40 and 50. It would be nice to see it plotted out.” — Homegrown Music Festival founder Scott Lunt in today’s Duluth News Tribune

Here it is, plotted out:

History of the Homegrown Chicken

We tracked down the origins of the Homegrown Music Festival chicken and interviewed the original artists.

Check out our photo slideshow and audio story at LakeVoice to see the evolution of the Chicken.

TxT Tix

I’m wondering, why is Homegrown punishing Trampled by Turtles fans by making them pay an extra $20 to get in? Isn’t having to wait in line for 24+ hours going to be bad enough?

Homegrown banners on PDD

I’m a little late this year, but here is the annual call. We’re looking for your Homegrown photos! The guidelines are the same as always. We’ll rotate Homegrown images in that extremely horizontal and hard-to-fit-a-photo-into space at the top of the page during next week’s festivities.

Does anybody know the history behind the Homegrown Chicken as a mascot?

Don’t get me wrong, the Chicken is cool, but I still don’t understand how it became the mascot. If anybody has any insight into this historical mystery, let me know.

Memories, like the kickballs of my mind

2011 Homegrown Kickball Game, Part 1

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