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ISO: Homegrown 2010 Photos

Seeking 2010 Homegrown photos for the 2011 Field Guide. Photos need t0 be high-rez JPGs (no watermarks, please); there’s no need for RAWs. You can send me a link to the photos online, or contact me if they’re on a CD/DVD: adam [at] transistormag [dot] com. Thanks!

Homegrown Registration Opens!

Homegrown Winter Fiasco 2011

Homegrown Band and Musician Registration for 2011

Band and musician registration for the music festival with the most impressive ratio of big:cheap begins Jan. 15 and ends Feb. 15. If that seems early, it’s ’cause we moved it up after suddenly realizing no one was gonna stop us.

Homegrown Field Guide Covers: 2006 to 2010

The Surfactants’ Entire Homegrown Set

Right now you can watch the entire Homegrown 2010 set by the Surfactants on thesurfactants.com.

Thank you all, good fucking night.

Well, Bone Appetit played it’s last show ever last weekend, and it ended just like it began — sloppy, drunken, and unpredictable.

Thanks to everyone throughout the years that supported us, and thanks even more to the people who took time out of their lives to rip on us, thus giving us even more press than our supporters. I wish I could take the time to individually thank everyone, but I refuse to do that knowing I’d forget someone.  We may have never sang about “what’s cool,” and never really fit in with the whole Duluth scene, but to those that embraced us for doing whatever the fuck we wanted, I thank you!  

I have more good and funny memories from that band than most any other thing in life, and even though some of us don’t really get along in the band anymore, I will still say that I love each and every one of those guys. We’ll never get the accolades that some bands in that town get, but there isn’t one fucking person who deny that we fucking rocked that town over the years.  In the end, I like to think we left a nice big skid mark on certain parts of that music scene that can’t be wiped off.

To everyone I’ve had a beer/smoke/laugh with over the last 11 years in this band, I have nothing but thanks for you.  I love you all, and Good Fucking Night.

Love always,

Cory “Hotrod” Ahlm

P.S.  Special thanks to Starfire,  Adam Guggemos, Paul Lundgren/Barrett Chase, Christa Lawler, Rick Boo, Eric Swanson, Slim Goodbuzz, Jason Cork, and Chris Whittier. Anyone else I forgot, hit me up for a beer.

Homegrown Kickball Classic 2010

Ryan from theduluthscene.org presents an 8-second montage from the infamous Friday Rawkers vs. Saturday Rollers Kickball game.

Playback issues? Turn off HD playback.

Best of Homegrown 2010

Well, now that the booze has worn off, let’s take a moment to reflect on the great Homegrown moments. What were some of the best acts you saw? Biggest surprises?

Bone Appetit! Bone Appetit! Bone Appetit! Last show ever! Last show ever! Last show ever!



Best Homegrown weather since 2002!

The Quizzard is dead! Long live the Quizzard!

Dear reader, as I sit down to write this obit, I still cannot believe the debauchery I have witnessed this eve. A poor, young virgin, probably, icon of the fair festival we have undertaken, only minutes ago, laid upon his deathbed, while a group of Brats, of the Wurst kind, danced around in glee as he snuffed it. He appeared on stage to give blessing to the Brats, and was slaughtered in front of a cheering mob. Oh, woe are we who expected to see him appear at every stage during this and every coming festival. I feel I cannot go on … but I must, if only to warn future generations of the TINY TWAT who wrenched him from my grasp, promised to free him, and then returned him to the entrail encrusted demons on stage to be rendered, to their delight. May the giant chicken have mercy on our souls.

Bone Appetit’s Last Temptation of Duluth

Final work of art

This Friday, at the Rex Bar in the Fitger’s Complex – roughly 60 hours from now, maybe more, depending on where SuddendEATH is – Bone Appetit will play its last show ever. Bone Appetit: Duluth’s Worst, then Sexiest, then Greatest Band, forever laid to rest after over a decade of service to you, the citizens of Duluth. As of last glance, there are 85 confirmed guests for this show, which [using mathematical extrapolation, as well as consulting my trick knee] means the room will be filled well beyond the fire marshal’s stated capacity.

Roast of Rick Boo (and dinner) tonight!

Tickets are still available, and will be on sale at the door.

Don Ness reading a proclamation, Chad Lyons vs. Carolyn Reisberg, and fond tales of New Year’s Eve Soirées, Halloween parties, ex-girlfriends, Morose Christmases, Tonya VanCamp breaking things, first times, last times and that one time…

Informal cocktail hour at the Owl’s Club around 6-ish.

Homegrown Schedule Changes

If you’re using the Homegrown Music Festival Field Guide to chart your course, please note the following changes:

Wednesday, May 5 – Although it’s referred to as “Lakewalk Night,” you might not want to use the Lakewalk to get from the Canal Park venues to Fitger’s or vice versa. The part of the Lakewalk between Endion Depot and Fitger’s will be closed to allow workers to repave it. The Homegrown steering committee didn’t see that coming.

Thursday, May 6 – The Fractals are not playing at the Brewhouse at 11 p.m. The What Four will be playing. These bands were switched after the schedule was printed.

Friday, May 7 – Dead Man Winter had to cancel its gig. Consequently, the Keep Aways will be playing at 10 p.m. instead of 9 p.m. at Twins Bar.

Jeffrey James O’Laughlin and Ashley Northey have switched slots for Friday night. So O’Laughlin will be playing at Sir Benedict’s Tavern on the Lake at 11 p.m. and Northey will be playing at Carmody Irish Pub at 10:15. Also, Northey has been playing with a band lately, and that band has a name now — the Sweet Virginias.

As referenced above, the What Four is not playing at Roscoe’s Pioneer Bar at 11 p.m. on Friday. The Fractals have moved to that slot.

The updated schedule is on the Homegrown site.

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