Does anybody know the history behind the Homegrown Chicken as a mascot?

Don’t get me wrong, the Chicken is cool, but I still don’t understand how it became the mascot. If anybody has any insight into this historical mystery, let me know.



about 12 years ago

Cord Dada, the graphics designer for the early years came up with the chicken idea. We initially planned to add a new farm animal every year but the chicken just stuck.


about 12 years ago

Can we go back to the idea of changing to different farm animals every year?  Tell you what, I have the only laminated ticket from 2007 Homegrown I refused to give up, has a fucking chicken on it. I'll admit, I fought the law here, and I won. I'll start the bidding at three dollars.

Paul Lundgren

about 12 years ago

Here's the chicken in all its glory at the Duluth Art Institute last night. (Click the pic to see it bigger.)


about 12 years ago

I always thought it was Fat(her) Hen(nepin) related.  I know nothing!


about 12 years ago

The Homegrown exhibit at the DAI is fabulous and interesting, I recommend everyone check it out.

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