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From Homegrown to worldwide


The Homegrown video for the Black-Eyed Snakes got picked up by the Channel Frederator Cartoon Podcast. It’s a weekly collection of animation from around the world. You can watch it on their site, or subscribe through the iTunes store.

Homegrown 2009 Slideshow Retrospective

Watch it in this small form right here, or click here to see a larger version of the slideshow. And if you want to add your photos to the show, by all means post them on Flickr and tag them homegrownmusicfestival2009. They’ll be added automatically.

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homegrown magic

paul hannu & grandaughter. homegrown 2009. teatro zuccone


Friday Rawk Night




View select performances from Coal Car Caboose and the Keep Aways here. Also available is a special performance from the Bitter Spills. Additional videos will be posted soon.

Photos and Videos Courtesy of the Daily Strife.

Hey, it’s another Homegrown show! With a gimmick!


This one has a fashion show, from Rachel Hart and Apron Elegance.

Other Signs of Spring …

Homegrown Week, I know.

My Lilac Bush 4.28.09

My Lilac Bush 4.28.09

Homegrown Festival is a sign of spring for many PDDers, no doubt. But for me one of my favorite signs that Spring is underway is when my lilacs bloom. Or appear to be near blooming, as is the case here.

How to enter the inaugural Homegrown Music Video Festival

homegrownchickenThis year’s Homegrown Music Festival will feature a night of locally produced music videos using songs by local bands.

If you are interesting in creating a video for the festival, there are some things you should know.

Homegrown Rawk and/or Roll: Lindquist’s Mix

Video by Mike Scholtz.

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