Homegrown Origin Mythology (part 1 of 3)

Our story begins in the year of our Lord, nineteen hundred and ninety eight, A.D. in a city built upon a hill, overlooking the greatest of the Great Lakes, the Zenith City of the Unsalted Seas – Duluth!

For those too young to recall, these were dark days in our fair city.  The musical landscape was largely barren – a virtual wasteland of yellow beer and cover bands.  A dark cloud hung perpetually heavy upon the arts community.  A fog of pessimism and oppression obscured the vision of what this city could offer and whispered a sinister, “move to Minneapolis.”

In this darkest hour, a small group of rebels were desperately fighting to establish a foothold for original live music and authentic culture.  One dark and dreary night they gathered at Enger Tower.  Among the rag-tag group of rebels – Bacigalupo, Monroe, Lindquist, Brewhouse Boys, The SparHawk, and Rick Boo.

Despair hung heavy over the battle weary rebels.  Might they resign themselves?  Might they give in to the dominate culture they had been resisting for so long?  Times were so desperate that the idea of starting a Hootie and the Blowfish cover band was being seriously considered.

Conflict ensued amongst the rebels, not about whether to become a cover band, but simply what top-40 band could they cover without sacrificing their souls.  It was a pathetically sad moment for our heroes.  A radio was being tuned in search of inspiration in their decision of which band to cover.

When something magical happened!  Through the static and mind-numbing pop songs a familiar sound was heard by the rebels that stirred their soul, but they were astonished to find these sounds emanating from the public airwaves.  It was the sounds of originality, of talent, of non-conformity, and for this weary group of mutineers, it was the sound of HOPE!

The rebels had reason to believe, they had a hero, somewhere out there, a brave insurgent was thumbing his nose at corporate radio and the FCC by laying claim to a small spectrum of the public domain to broadcast truth, liberty, and rock and/or roll music to those starving for something authentic in the age of lip-syncing boy bands.  It was…  Random Radio.

While the sounds gave them hope, they needed more. The rebels shouted, “Who is this great leader?  How can we find him?  Will he join our efforts?”

Bacigalupo – who was a low-level wizard – attempted a summons spell in effort to bring this person to their gathering.  But the rebels doubted Bacigalupo’s talents – he was always trying some sort of spell, but the only thing he was ever able to do was made an egg stand up straight on it’s end for ten seconds.

But, to their amazement, the wind began to blow, thunder rumbled in the distance, and the clouds grew ever darker and more ominous.  A strike of lightning hit Enger Tower turning the green beacon a bright orange!  Then a bright ball of light and fire emerged from the Hillside and screamed through the low cloud cover and then was gone….   Silence…

To be continued….

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