Homegrown Band Count, 1999 to 2012

“Ten bands, then 25, then 40 and 50. It would be nice to see it plotted out.” — Homegrown Music Festival founder Scott Lunt in today’s Duluth News Tribune

Here it is, plotted out:



about 12 years ago

Thank you Paul.


about 12 years ago

Can I get that plotted out with delineation for reoccurring bands, and bands reoccurring at venues? Thanks!

Paul Lundgren

about 12 years ago

No problem. Here you go.



about 12 years ago

Can you send me a .csv or .xlsx because I'm all about the many eyes visualization tool. Like and data you got, I'll get freaky deaky on it.


about 12 years ago

Can I get a graph of how many bands had left handed members?

Don Ness

about 12 years ago

Thanks Paul.  Looks like my first year as festival director holds the record for the most year over year growth.  In 2006 we added 31 additional bands.  Of course that was in large part because that's the year that we went from 4 to 8 days.  

So, looking ahead to 2013 - Dizzo will have to get up to 199 next year to break the record.  Go for it!


about 12 years ago

Need. More. Metrics!


about 12 years ago

It looks as though the Great Recession of 2008 took a toll on Homegrown, fortunately it looks as though it is on the rebound.



about 12 years ago

Now HERE is what I'm talking about. Click on "Experiment" and "Network Graph" ... 

try this:
Vertex 1 = Venue
Vertex 2 = Band 1
Weight = Location

nodes shown = 102

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