Duluth/Superior’s Best Fish Fry

Which restaurant has the best fish fry in Duluth and Superior? Include type of fish, type of breading, atmosphere … that sort of thing. Any help would be much appreciated.



about 12 years ago

We went to Clearwater/Lakeview Castle last night.  Really pretty good all you can eat Pollock. They have a new waiter that puts all the others to shame. I would imagine you're going to be in a similar framework quality wise, wherever you go around here, some worse than others.  If you go to the Choo Choo in Superior, they have a rippin' Pollock Sandwich that is almost too big even if you share it. I think they do Fridays, service is surprisingly friendly and they have a sweet handmade bar.  The Dockside cafe up in Marais when open does local Herring that I would imagine is one of the best.  But I'd like to try the place in Brule too, as mentioned in 2010.  Any further comments about the smelt this year?  How is the Tappa Keg smelt scene?


about 12 years ago

Lemon Wolf. Their decorations style annoys me, but their pan fried fresh herring is really really good. 

Only, uh, a little north of Duluth.


about 12 years ago

Wednesdays and Fridays Bridgemans does all you can eat fried walleye.  It's really good.


about 12 years ago

I really enjoy Norwood Golf Course's fish fry, if you need something check out the Fall Inn Tavern.


about 12 years ago

Not really Duluth, but the new Streetcar in Carlton has fantastic fish on Fridays.


about 12 years ago

A group of friends made it our mission to find out the answer to exactly that last summer.  Outcome: Rapids Riverside on Hwy 53 out past Superior is great and all you can eat.  Foster's Bar and Grill in Hermantown has good fish and great homemade tartar sauce.  You'll have to get there early because they run out.

We tried so many more  but they were all about the same in terms of quality.

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