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Help raise donations for the pets of CHUM

A group of citizens is raising money for the local pets who find their way to CHUM. We’re looking to provide CHUM with donations of dog and cat food, as well as cat litter, to help them out. We have multiple ways to donate: PayPal, GoFundMe, an Amazon shopping list, or just having us swing by and pick something up from you!

If you are willing to send us some cash to help provide food and litter for the cats and dogs who find their way to CHUM, please visit

Is Kenny Wong’s in Superior closed?

I drove down Tower Avenue in Superior today and saw the sign for Kenny Wong’s Oriental Express was gone! Instead, it says there is some sort of hibachi place coming soon.

Did Kenny Wong’s go out of business, or is it changing to a new format? They had some great food there, and as a former employee, I’d like to know what’s going on!