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Bob and Joan

Bob mentions a couple of Northland towns at the beginning of their first song.

Bringing it All Back to Duluth Does Dylan

A new Duluth Does Dylan album is in the works — the fourth in a series of compilations featuring Duluth bands covering Bob Dylan songs. Bringing it All Back to Duluth Does Dylan will feature 14 tracks recorded at Sacred Heart Studio by engineer Tom Fabjance. Fabjance is co-producing the album with executive producer Tim Nelson.

The man’s Christmas light display reflects his music?

Pete Townshend knows all about Bob Dylan … kind of

Pete Townshend - Star Tribune photo

Minneapolis Star Tribune: Pete Townshend won’t get fooled again about Bob Dylan’s birthplace

Bob Dylan – “Like a Rolling Stone” (2013 Interactive Video)

It can’t be embedded on PDD, because it’s a crazy interactive weirdo thing. Go to to check it out. If you have slow internet, don’t bother.

As you watch the video, you can use the up-and-down arrows on your keyboard to switch between 16 different “channels” to see 16 different versions. None of the versions are particularly great, but collectively … well … it’s something different anyway.

Hometown Boy Makes Good

Dylan Granted France’s Highest Award

Bob Dylan Duluth Concert Photos


Some things improve a bit with age. The out of focus shot above is the best I could do at the 2013 Bob Dylan concert in Duluth, but it’s better than I did in 1999, below.


So, who did better than me?


Dylan coming here July 9 and from the DNT article: Dan Russell, executive director of the DECC – which manages Bayfront Festival Park – estimated that the park has a capacity of 12,500. There are no chairs allowed at the event. Russell wasn’t sure whether to expect it to sell out.


I wonder if Hibbing knows yet

MPR Story: Bob Dylan awarded National Medal of Freedom

“The release continues to describe Duluth native Dylan as…”

I’m waiting for a retraction but we’ll see what happens.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Bob Dylan

Last night I stumbled on a fun article at and wrote a bit a-bout-it at Ennyman’s Territory.

For what it’s worth, if you still don’t have Dylan’s Christmas in the Heart, 100% goes to charitable causes. Here’s my review of this CD from when it was introduced in 2010.

Meantime, may everyone in Duluth have a bit of Christmas in their hearts this year … and Let It Snow.

Bob Dylan Manhole Design Contest

Common Language is sponsoring a competition for an artist interested in designing Bob Dylan-themed cast-iron manhole cover for Bob Dylan Way in Duluth, Minnesota. The manhole cover will be cast at the 10th North Shore Iron Pour, which will be held this summer in Duluth.

The artist selected will be given free instruction at the North Shore Iron Pour seminar and an honorarium of $300. They will see their cast iron manhole cover installed on Bob Dylan Way.


What were the names of the people that formed the first Bob Dylan tribute band in Duluth, and where did they play? I suppose year would be good, too.

Another Side of Duluth Does Dylan

The third Duluth Does Dylan album will be released on Friday, May 27. The release party is at Rex Bar.

All profit from Friday’s door at the Rex will be donated to the Norshor Theatre renovation, and CD profits will go to the Bob Dylan Way Cultural Pathway effort. Show tickets are available at the Electric Fetus and the Fitger’s Beer Store — $8 in advance, $10 at the door.

Who is Bob Dylan to you?

MPR logo

Bob Dylan (aka Robert Zimmerman of Hibbing, MN) is turning 70 in May. In anticipation of the big day, we want to gather memories, stories and thoughts about Bob Dylan and his music. Thanks to his shape-shifting, the man and his music mean something different to nearly everyone.

Share your story here.

Should Bob Dylan retire?

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal asked whether 69-year-old Bob Dylan should retire from the concert stage.

However, Jon Jurgensen, author of the WSJ piece “When To Leave The Stage,” wasn’t zeroing in on Dylan’s age as the reason for the troubadour to cash in his musical 401k. Instead, much of Jurgensen’s essay was about Dylan’s voice, describing it as a “laryngitic croak.”

Wall Street Journal Article here.

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