Duluth Dylan Fest Posts

Joan Osborne to perform Dylan tribute in his native Duluth

Grammy-nominated singer Joan Osborne will perform a special Bob Dylan tribute concert on the eve of his 78th birthday at Sacred Heart Music Center, just blocks from where the legendary songwriter was born in Duluth.

Video Archive: Duluth Dylan Fest at R.T. Quinlan’s, 1993

Duluth musicians perform Bob Dylan’s “Rainy Day Women #12 & 35” at R.T. Quinlan’s Saloon on May 14, 1993.


What were the names of the people that formed the first Bob Dylan tribute band in Duluth, and where did they play? I suppose year would be good, too.

What was your favorite “Beer on the Tracks” moment?

Wild times on the train to Two Harbors, with a 90-minute delay on the return that is sure to become legend in Dylan Fest annals.