What was your favorite “Beer on the Tracks” moment?

Wild times on the train to Two Harbors, with a 90-minute delay on the return that is sure to become legend in Dylan Fest annals.

The Fontanelles rocked the back car and probably offered most of the residents of TH a dose of their medicine. Pictured here is Rich Mattson and then Dirty Horse on the way up.



about 13 years ago

When this happened.


about 13 years ago

Dirty Horse and Rich got the crowd whipped up pretty good.  I think my favorite was the Fontanelles getting the entire crowd jumping/ dancing and feeling that train car bounce under us.  4 on the floor were troopers, playing all the way home and energizing a spent audience.

(It was nice to meet you in person, spy1.)


about 13 years ago

T'was a fabulous evening! Although there is no connection the long delay boosted the bar sales. I agree, my fav part was the bounce of the 66 car and nobody got hurt.


about 13 years ago

It was definitely a good time and I hope this happens next year.

More photos: 



about 13 years ago

Oh, and the girl who peed off the side of the train while it was moving.  That part was vastly entertaining as well, especially when the train staff guy kept saying "miss, you need to be back in the train" and she responded, "OK, I'm almost done."

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