I wonder if Hibbing knows yet

MPR Story: Bob Dylan awarded National Medal of Freedom

“The release continues to describe Duluth native Dylan as…”

I’m waiting for a retraction but we’ll see what happens.


Lawrence Lee

about 12 years ago

Why would a retraction be needed? Dylan was born in Duluth.

Barrett Chase

about 12 years ago

"You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."


about 12 years ago

One day. ONE DAY. All I want is one day living in Duluth without hearing about fricking Bob Dylan.


about 12 years ago

Don't hold your breath ...



about 12 years ago

Not official until @bob_dylan_facts tweets it.


about 12 years ago

NPR Story: Duluth Bob Dylan Armory debacle spooges all over itself.


about 12 years ago

"Fact: 'All Along the Watch Tower' is not about Enger Tower."

My favorite Bob Dylan fact.

Tony D.

about 12 years ago

I'm waiting for Steve W's retraction....


about 12 years ago

You got it:

Oct. 16, 1996 News Tribune:

The duplex at 519 N. Third Ave. E. in Duluth was once home to Bob Dylan, as the News-Tribune noted Tuesday. The musician lived in the home from birth to age 6. Erwin Goldfine's fame isn't worldwide, but he's well known in Duluth. Goldfine, founder of the former Goldfine's department stores, owner of oodles of hotels, and philanthropist benefiting UMD, lived in the same house in his earliest years. Goldfine, born in 1923, was out by 1933. Bobby Zimmerman was born in 1941. The families ended up friends. Goldfine's late uncle Henry married Dylan's aunt, and the Goldfines still socialize with Dylan's mother at their summer homes in Arizona. What else do Dylan and Goldfine have in common, Eh? asks? Goldfine, his son John and the Harmony Illustrated Encyclopedia of Rock helped us trace a series of coincidences. Both their fathers were named Abe. Both are Jewish. Dylan sang, "I ain't gonna work on Maggie's Farm no more." Goldfine went into retail after he decided he wasn't going to work on his father's cattle farm on Jean Duluth Road anymore. In "Lay Lady Lay," Dylan sang, "... lay across my big brass bed." At the old Goldfine's By the Bridge store, Goldfine sold brass beds. Dylan wrote "Highway 61 Revisited" and "Mr. Tambourine Man." Goldfine got a speeding ticket on Highway 61 in the late '30s and loves tangerines. Dylan was covered by the Byrds. Goldfine is allergic to birds. Finally: Goldfine can't sing in tune, either.


about 12 years ago

And more!

News Tribune, Nov. 1, 1998

Dylan remembers the King Those who we re hoping to hear Bob Dylan say something anything -- during his Oct. 22 concert in Duluth probably left feeling a little disappointed. Dylan did not publicly acknowledge the fact that he was playing his birthplace for the first time ever, but there is new evidence he knew where he was. According to Dan Russell, executive director of the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center, Dylan uttered only one verifiable thing to anybody other than his own people while he was in town. "The only official correspondence between Dylan and our staff is he asked an engineer when Elvis played in the building," Russell said. And the engineer told him it was in 1977. In fact, Elvis Presley played the DECC twice -- Oct. 16, 1976 and April 29, 1977, less than four months before he died. Speaking of Dylan An Eh? item in Tuesday's column reported that Dylan was spotted outside the DECC the night of the concert. It told the tale of a fan who overheard a young girl talking to "Dylan" when he pulled up in his limousine. He was smoking and the girl told him something about not setting a good example for children, and he responded by snuffing out the smoke. Eh? is a little more skeptical about that story today than earlier in the week. According to DECC officials, Dylan never rode in a limousine that night. His transportation was exclusively supplied by his tour bus, and Dylan's actual whereabouts were as follows: The tour bus was parked inside the DECC's Pioneer Hall for roughly five hours while Dylan sat on board. He then walked off and headed straight for his dressing room. From there, he went on stage, played the concert, left the stage, got back on the bus and left the DECC area. "What concerns me is that we have a Dylan look-alike sitting in limousines smoking and talking to young girls," joked Dan Russell, DECC head honcho.


about 12 years ago

Evil Resident, I feel the same way about TBT or anything related to Sparhawk, even though I love the guy's last name, the mouthfeel of it, everything in moderation huh? I'd also like to take this moment to request for anyone thinking of naming their newborn, Dylan, perhaps consider Bruce or Bart instead. You will decrease their odds of getting beat up on the playground by this guy.

Steve W.

about 12 years ago

Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for Dylan being considered a Duluth native, I just figured some might make a stink.

Brian Clarke

about 6 years ago

Duluth News Tribune  ... Revisited .. good gig

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