Duluth trails are now open

The city Parks and Recreation Dept. has determined trails are now dry enough for public use. Let the hiking and leashed dog walking commence.

Trail maps and info



about 6 years ago

This is great news! I have hiked the Split Rock loop. It's a nice day hike. Does anyone have any suggestions on some good (longer) day hikes?


about 6 years ago

The trails at Tettagouche and Cascade rivers are great; easy-to-get-to trailheads, and trails of varying lengths. Gorgeous hikes too. Just drive up Hwy 61 a ways past Split Rock.


about 6 years ago

Leashed? LOL -- can't recall many leashed dogs on trails.


about 6 years ago

Dogs are required to be on a leash on city trails. It's the law. It's the responsible thing to do. If I come upon you and your unleashed dog, expect an earful.


about 6 years ago

@MNmoose94: In addition to the City of Duluth trails there is 42 miles of the Superior Hiking Trail in/near Duluth (www.shta.org). You can even use the DTA as a shuttle on many portions of this trail. I find out and backs on trails to be amazing at this time of the year as it allows me to catch sight of the flora I may have missed (I tend to look at one side of the trail more than the other when hiking/running).


about 6 years ago

I'll hafta let you kids know how the trails are up past Finland. I'll be doing an overnight between Crosby-Manitou and the Finland rec center this weekend. AFAIK, (according to the SHTA Facebook page and the SHTA website things are drying our nicely and should be in excellent hiking condition before too long. The Facebook page gets a lot of traffic, and the website mods hang out there as well, so any info you post on conditions would be of use. See you out there perhaps?


about 6 years ago

So we weren't supposed to go into Chester Park until just this week? Whoops!


about 6 years ago

Chester Creek is pretty much open year 'round I think, as it's one of the most used trails in the city. I use it as my commute corridor from the house to the shop, as it's pretty much a straight shot down the hill.

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