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Colbert takes on Pawlenty’s dramatic ads

At PDD, we compared Pawlenty to Superman, among other things, for his chest-puffed image on his book cover. Stephen Colbert one ups us by comparing him to Brawny Man.

At PDD, we called Pawlenty President of the United States of Apocalypse after viewing his book trailer. Colbert says Pawlenty is “running for President of the next Transformers movie.” That one could probably go either way.

Zoo Animal, Half Hearts, Ariane & Honeyvein: Pizza Luce, April 8

Who: Zoo Animal, The Half Hearts, Ariane Norrgard & Honeyvein
Where: Pizza Luce Duluth
When: April 8, 9:30P.M., $5

Animal Fights



A documentary by Mike Scholtz, Michael Pickering, Valerie Coit and Misty Havens.

Duluth Skateboard Video

A montage from one of Duluth’s local riders, Anthony Walsh.

Coming soon.

Spring is just around the corner. Maybe two corners.

Two Many Banjos, Old City Hall

Two songs shot in Duluth’s old City Hall, including the first Skywalk built in Duluth. Other new videos up at

Duluth, Time Lapse

I don’t think I’ve seen this here yet, but it was on MPR’s Bob Collins’ Newscut blog today, scroll down past the more newsy stuff for the write-up.

Art Jam 2011

It may not be the solution to the education budget … but it’ll keep your kids busy for at least ten minutes during Winter Break.

Art Jam is a youth art contest for kids ages 7 through 12 in the Twin Ports. Have you seen the commercial yet? If not, it’s probably because you don’t watch enough cartoons.

Low – “Belarus”

This video was shot at various familiar locations in and around Duluth.

By the way, in addition to being a country, Belarus is also the name of a manufacturer of upright pianos.

The Camel Incident in Madison

A crew from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart was at the Capital in Madison on Monday to shoot some sort of a bit that involved a camel. As handlers started to walk the camel around a barricade, well, things got ugly. Jack Craver of the weekly Isthmus newspaper caught it on video.

The camel was not injured. Firefighters on the scene helped untangle things.

Lake Superior Waves Video

I’m new to the area, so I was really excited to see the waves and film some this morning. To all locals: what’s the biggest waves you’ve seen?

Hockey Day Minnesota: Portman Bruins vs. Glen Avon Red Army

[This post originally featured video from that has since been removed.]

Blowin’ in the Wind

Telly for Duluth Google Fiber

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