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Lake Monster

[This post originally contained an embedded video that is no longer available at its source.]

Big Wave Dave and the Ripples

Romeo & Juliet and West Side Story Summer Theater Intensive

One musical, one Shakespearean classic; both tales of unfaltering romances that go against all odds. At the beginning of July the directors, Kate Horvath and Liz Larson, started working with over 60 students to teach all aspects of the show, including stage direction, backstage assistance, technical requirements, costuming and front of house. The casts alternate performances while the opposite cast runs all the technical aspects during the performance, creating a complete theater learning experience for the students.

West Side Story Performances:
August 12, 18, 20 at 7 p.m. and 14 at 2 p.m.
Romeo & Juliet Performances:
August 11, 13, 19 at 7 p.m. and 21 at 2 p.m.
Adults: $10 | Students: $8 or 733-7555

Duluth Snowboard Video 2011

Death-Defying Archeologists of Lake Superior

Native Fauna of Lake Superior

Renegade’s The Wild Party Trailer!

Renegade Theater Company’s production of The Wild Party, runs August 4 to 20. Tickets on sale now at 218-336-1414.

Perilous Inlets of Lake Superior

[This post originally contained an embedded video that is no longer available at its source.]

Mighty Ore Boats of Lake Superior

[This post originally contained an embedded video that is no longer available at its source.]

BradFest 2011

Here’s some just-released footage from BradFest 2010. BradFest 2011 happens Aug. 5-6 at the Earthwood, just south of Two Harbors. In the shadow of Pierre, the Pantsless Voyageur. A wild weekend of fun. All proceeds benefit young musicians in MN. Great lineup, including Grant Hart on Saturday night! Bands, brew, pie, belly dancing, robots, samba, 82 pairs of men’s briefs…

Silent Auction, 5-8pm on Saturday. Looking for an ash-top bar for your home? You’ll find that and more.

Donate now to get admission and a BradFest mug that gives you $1 off drinks all weekend.

Gravity on display in Duluth

Yesterday I was driving down some side streets near Chester Creek Cafe with my family when we watched a soccer ball cross the street in front of us. At first, it just seemed to be out on a walk, or a roll, I guess, as it headed down the street and on its journey toward the lake. A few seconds later a young man appeared from behind a fence and ran — looking for cars and being careful — after his ball. It was a close contest but the ball was finally intercepted a couple of blocks down the hill.

It got me thinking about the other hill-related events I’ve witnessed over the years and thinking serious work should be done in documenting such events. (Plus, I’m procrastinating on a big project I should be doing.)

Archeology of Lake Superior

[This post originally contained an embedded video that no longer exists at its source.]

A Brief Survey of the Bottom of Lake Superior

Superior Hiking Trail – Top Ten Spots

Below is a nice video by showing 10 spots along the Superior hiking trial they enjoyed the best. Learn more about the Superior Hiking

What are some of your favorite spots along the North Shore of Lake Superior (a.k.a Big Sexy)?

One of mine is the Kadunce River falls, the only way to access the base of either falls is to hike up river into the canyon.

Fictional Short Film About Martin Scorsese

My name is Lance Karasti. I have recently returned to Duluth after living in Hollywood for the past 2 years. This was my thesis film. I’m hoping to make a feature film in Duluth, as well as a handful of short films.

The short film is based on a Hollywood rumor about Martin Scorsese. He got the idea to change the color of the blood at the end of “Taxi Driver” in order to get out of an X rating. This film is a fictional version of how he got that idea.

This was shown in the Sound Unseen Film Festival at Zinema 2 and got a great response.