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Yeltzi – “Get Up and Dance”

Video by Michael Hillmeyer for the 2011 Homegrown Music Video Festival.

Homegrown 2011 Photo Retrospective

View the full set of 180 images from Homegrown 2011 on Flickr.

Friday wins.

See the winning moment.

Also posted on Facebook.

Jesse Ventura for Chicago-Lake Liquor

A classic from 1984.

“Gone from Minnesota,” by Loup-Garou

Created for the 2011 Duluth Homegrown Music Festival. Featuring the song “Gone from Minnesota” by local talent Loup-Garou. Starring Tonya Porter and Abraham Curran; directed by Erin McConnell.

Homegrown Music Video Encore

For those of you who missed the LSD-tripping fabulousness of the Homegrown Music Video festival, don’t go cry in your pillow, come to Zinema 2 on Wednesday at 10pm for an encore performance.

Also, if you are a filmmaker, think about putting your film on the internets. It’s what all the kids are doing these days and then we can compile them on this here blog site for those that couldn’t get off the beer stool for either screening.

Mike Behrends – “Woodsman and the Seafarer”

Transworld Snowboarding video contest – Vote for your local shop!

Damage Boardshop over on 1904 W. Superior St. submitted a quick shop edit to Transworld Snowboarding‘s website for its Neff: East vs. West shop video contest.  For all of you metal fans they used a song by Class of ’86 and edited without all the foreplay, getting straight to the point and making it last a little over 2 minutes (which is totally normal for most of those guys.)

Everyone can vote one time (tracked by I.P.) so if you really like it and you’re at work go make your rounds on all the desktops!  If you don’t like it STFU and make your own last-minute edit.

Place your vote at

I also heard a rumor if you vote and run into the owner at any local establishment that serves alcohol (e.g. Carmody, Lucé, Black Woods) he’ll buy you a shot of Patron.

Spirit Mountain Snowboard Video

Some shots up at Duluth’s local hill, Spirit Mountain.

Video Sessions with Charlie Parr and the Fontanelles

New local videos from North Shore Sessions featuring Charlie Parr & Lane Prekker, and the Fontanelles.

UMD Bulldogs Hockey on

[This post originally contained an embedded video that is no longer available at its source.]

Highlight video of the Frozen Four Championship Game 2011 at Xcel Energy Center.

The doctor is in, and he is 11

The Black-eyed Snakes, featuring 11-year-old percussionist Andrew Olson, performing “Chicken Bone George” on April 15 at Jefferson Pub & Grill during the Mid West Music Fest.

Haley Bonar – “A Piano”

Cool Irish anti-bullying ad

Low – “Try to Sleep” featuring John Stamos

[Previously on PDD: Low and Uncle Jesse?]

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