A Catastrophic Shipwreck on Lake Superior

[This post originally contained an embedded video that no longer exists at its source.]



about 12 years ago

Expand the theme, perhaps. Maybe longer narratives with more plot development. Conquer stale bread with fresh flour!!!

Jim Richardson

about 12 years ago

These excerpts from a short film in production are designed to stand alone, and can be viewed in any order, not at all, or distractedly. Secondarily, they may be considered video adjuncts to the "Novelty Theater" column in the Transistor, but are really just an excuse to look at pretty light on rocks under water.


about 12 years ago

That is a valuable life lession.


about 12 years ago

Understood. Thank you. Please continue.


about 12 years ago

So THAT'S who I saw standing in the middle of Lake Superior with a pitchfork.


about 12 years ago

Where's Gordon Lightfoot when you need him? Oh? Nevermind.

Les F

about 12 years ago

Someone should call for a congressional inquiry/hearings and legislate something so an accident such as this never happens again.

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