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Travel Time to the Twin Cities – first hand accounts?

I have an early appointment in the Big Cities on Friday. Have any of you made a run to St. Paul within the past week? If so — how much more time should I budget in with construction being what it is? I’m sure the drive back up late Friday afternoon will be lovely. Serenity now!

Advice along the way

We are hedging our bets that fuel will be down to under $3.00 a gallon come July, making a summer vacation affordable. All kidding aside, we are heading to Calgary for the big rodeo. We’ve got 3 weeks for the trip out and back. Could I get some advice from those of you who have been out that way?

(1) Thoughts on the route?
(2) Suggestions for campgrounds?
(3) Significant points of interest?

We’re pulling a tent-camper and do not need hookups. We can get by with primitive camp sites. Along with my wife, our two kids [6 and 8] will be making the trip.

Family-style Asian Food

I am coordinating an event with about 12 college students attending. The dinner request is for “Chinese” [or similar]. This brought up a discussion with staff that there [apparently] isn’t any place around here that has family portions as an option. I’ve never had the need, so I don’t know if this is accurate. Regardless, could I please get some suggestions on where there is value-priced Asian style cuisine available?

Organize my iTunes

I’m looking for somebody to get our iTunes library consolidated and organized – or maybe some advice on how to do it. Right now it’s spread out over three lap tops and an external hard drive. Perhaps iCloud is the solution? All I know is that right now it’s a GF and I feel a bit overwhelmed thinking about it. Thoughts or advice?

Old iMac + not-so-old MacBook =

We acquired an old iMac, went to upgrade the OS today and got an error about it not having an Intel processor …. we like the big screen and the prioress has a not as old MacBook she wants to DX for an AirBook.

(1) Is there any way for a common man to take the good parts from the MacBook and update the iMac?

(2) Are there any other suggestions for the old iMac? Can we load some flavor of Linux on it for the web-savvy here at the Mission?

Snowbird seeking hookup without commitment

My parents are taking a little vacation from Minnesota down to Apache Junction, AZ [they will hike more in the 6 weeks they are there than my wife and I will all year]. They have an iPad and very little technical moxy. The condo they are in does not have ISP; and they would like temporary internet service.

Seen this before?

I was at Mt. Royal Foods this morning surveying the doughnut rack with my daughter and I did a double take when I saw a long-john with a slab of fried bacon laid down the middle, on top of the delicious maple frosting. I did not have my camera to take a picture. Is this a “standard build” in the doughnut industry, or is it a custom creation from the bake staff? My wife gave me strict orders to not buy sweets this morning, otherwise I’d probably be posting this on Yelp.

First Chairs of the Season?

I’m curious if anyone has dates of estimated chair-lift openings at area [and by that I mean “day trip”] alpine hills? Lutsen was rumored to open on the 19th of November and Big Powderhorn is scheduled to open the 10th of December.

Any advice on where to look for early-season runs?

Duluth Dog Kennel Recommendation

Our last few attempts at using a dog/house sitter had some unintended consequences. Some of the more interesting: various porn-related scenarios [purchased and delivered]; a Mountain Dew “ash tray” was left in front of our basement toilet [we don’t smoke]; one of our cars apparently was used and the backseat mistaken for a dumpster; and a “three bears ‘bed scenario'” which resulted in a lot of laundry. Without addressing the vetting process I used in staffing, or commenting on my solicitation process, I’d like some recommendations on area kennels for boarding two dogs: one an old lab and the other an old terrier.  We’re heading up to the Lutsen area for the holiday and would love to find help up that way; but assume most facilities are in this area.

Business Facebook without Personal Facebook

I’m trying to get an answer to this question, and am finding conflicting answers. Can one establish a business presence on “The Facebook” without have it tied back to a specific user? For example, is the corporate Target Facebook page associated with a specific user?

Simple Plumbing Job – DIY?

It looks like I need to replace the lateral sewer line connecting my house to the city system. I qualify for the “up to 3K” reimbursement; but the job is estimated at “around 6K.”

In lamenting to my friends on this issue, multiple responses have been “Schultsy can run a ‘mini’ [excavator]; why don’t you have him dig out the old line? Putting in a new one is pretty straight forward – like roofin’ – you’re just paying for labor.”

Does anybody have any experience with this? Is it simply digging out the old line, removing the old house trap and connecting into the waste out from the house and then hooking up to where it feeds into the city system? What part of this would need a “licensed plumber”? I don’t have “replace sewer line” on my bucket list, and I’d rather take that 3K [which I don’t have] and recreate with it.

Too Graphic for a College Newspaper?

A student I work with was solicited to write a story for a local college newspaper.  The student has a reputation for his dark writing style, but has been recognized as an outstanding author and actor.  The paper did not print the following story, as they said it was too graphic.  Thoughts or comments?:

Lake Shore Driving:  Headless on the North Shore
by Frank Black

Jamie’s got his head in his hands, having just hacked it off with the cordless reciprocal saw Annie ordered for him off the internet the night she overdosed and stopped breathing-and blood came out her ears.  This made Jamie very sad, so he cut off his head-and now it’s in his hands-and he’s watching and pondering curiously at how his scabby, haggard heart continues to pump random arcing spurts of thick blood out the ragged, chunky stump of what’s left of his neck-and thinks he should’ve thought this through a bit more, which is an odd thought to think when your decapitated head is resting in your hands.

Duluth Dinkytown?

Anybody have thoughts on this?

Duluth School Board authorizes sale of Woodland site; developer envisions mini ‘Dinkytown’

I know the family that lives on the east end of the wooded area. They have been trying for over a year to purchase some of that land to leave as green-space and a buffer. They were assured that the developer would take the neighborhood “into consideration.” Can anybody fire up their crystal ball and see how this plays out? Or should I invest in vinyl siding as it takes a lot of plastic to wrap buildings over 21 acres.

Family Game Night Suggestions

The idea of a “family game night” has gotten some traction in our house — the kids are getting old enough to keep game pieces out of their mouths and “waiting their turn” no longer incites screams or tantrums.  We were at the bookstore at the mall the other day and there were a lot of games that looked pretty fun — but it was a bit overwhelming.  Any suggestions for board-type games under these categories?

(1) family [includes children ages 5 and 7]

(2) party [games played with adults, but not requiring massive amounts of skill or concentration — to be enjoyed during a social, etc.]

(3) children [specifically for children to play amongst themselves (ages 5 and 7)]

Summer Ski Suggestions

I’ve got some business travel set up for Northern Colorado and Utah in late June.  Any suggestions for a resort which may still be running lifts?  Ideally, I’d like to find something open during the week of 20 June.  Arapahoe Basin is open until the 19ththat’s the latest I’ve been able to find.  Also – suggestions on renting gear verses checking or shipping?  Seems that for a two day junket – one is better off just renting from the shop.