Business Facebook without Personal Facebook

I’m trying to get an answer to this question, and am finding conflicting answers. Can one establish a business presence on “The Facebook” without have it tied back to a specific user? For example, is the corporate Target Facebook page associated with a specific user?

We would like to create a Facebook page for our “organization,” but not have it tied back to one person. We would rather have some sort of “corporate login” to use with the site, verses personal logins. Does that make sense?

Two reasons for this (1) I don’t want a Facebook account, but need to use it to communicate with a client base and (2) We have some turnover in staff and don’t want to have to worry about administering “Who’s got access to the page” — would just rather change a password.

Again, I don’t know much about the Facebook, but we would like to set it up similar to the Gmail account we use which just has a generic name under which we do our mailings [works best for us and our interns].

Feel free to hit the low hanging fruit at my expense with jokes and commentary on my aversion to Facebook, but if I could get an answer to this or an explanation on how it works, that would be great.



about 12 years ago

Well, you could just create an account under a fake name, if you're not worried about violating Facebook's terms of service.  That way, you can give everyone the email and password for that account, and change it whenever necessary.

Danny G

about 12 years ago

What Tom Said.  When you create the fake name have the first and last name be the same as whatever the business or group page is going to be.  So, if you're going to have a group or business page be something for (for example) "Duluth Mittens" first create a FB profile with the first name "Duluth" and last name "Mittens." Then use that account to start your group.

Also, I'm glad that I'm not the only one who often refers to it as "The Facebook."

Cory Fechner

about 12 years ago

You can use the Facebook business manager to do this.
Learn more here:


about 12 years ago

I would check with   Patrick Garmoe  he writes about social media for Two Harbors based "Pure Driven."


about 12 years ago

Question 1 is, why don't you want a Facebook account?  Are you that person who didn't want a cell phone circa 2000 just to make a statement?  Get over it man.  It's here, and if you're the one without an account, you just look silly. (FYI, my 85 year-old grandfather in-law has a FB account)

Second, if you can't trust your staff (or recently former staff) to make FB updates, then you have a larger problem than managing your Facebook presence.  Also, changing admin rights to a FB page takes less time that it does to complete typing this sentence.  So, yeah...

And Cory is right.  You can manage a FB page without a FB profile 'tied' to it, but it's more trouble than its worth.  Just set up a profile for yourself (real name, etc), but set the privacy settings so that no one can find you and you're set.

Feel free to email me with any questions.


Barrett Chase

about 12 years ago

In my opinion, it's far easier and far more secure to add/remove admins to your Facebook page than to have some sort of shared password system. Adding/removing admins is simple and straightforward.


about 12 years ago

+1 to Barrett
A friend of mine asked me to do this "set up a business page with no personal page"  it was no good. After F-ing around for 30-40 minutes, I just created a personal profile and I linked the business page to it.  FB makes this approach very easy.


about 12 years ago

LUNDGREN - do you want to address that "cell phone" comment?  That seems like a softball for you.

I was down with the mobile phone back when I had to have one installed in my car by Radio Shack and it actually looked like a phone.  No real aversion to The Facebook - just have enough stuff to keep "updated" as it is.  But looking at what B-man and Barrett have to say; I guess setting up a personal account is the best route.

I was interested in the feedback as the conversation has been playing out at work.  It seems like it should be possible - I guess the question I should have asked is "how do big corporations that have a Facebook Page [box stores, etc.] manage the editing and updating?"  I would assume they have a number of people who access it and this must be ever changing.  Perhaps at their corporate computer admin level, they can assign access to their various corporate Facebook pages, just as they provide access to various areas of their intranet.  Not sure, but interested.  It's the same type of question I have a lot with gMail - seems like there should be a way to do ________ and although there is always a work around, I like to find out the front door approach.

Thanks for the dialog.


about 12 years ago

Once you have a personal profile on FB, you can set up a page and you will automatically be the administrator.  

Once others "like" your page you can add them as administrators with one click.  

You all sign in to your personal accounts and all have equal access to the professional FB page through your own portal.

No sharing passwords, just shared access.


about 12 years ago

All administrators can switch to be posters of a fan page. For instance, if Barrett Chase was an admin for Duluth West is the Best, Inc.'s biz fan page, he can switch to use & post as that biz rather than as Barrett. This gives the page one voice, even if there are a few admins.


about 12 years ago

Also, you may want to think about educating your potential fans & admins about personal pages versus fan pages. Let's say your organization is a church, perhaps congregation members new to Facebook may worry that Duluth Bishop will be judging the antics on their page. A biz page is not a FB friend; admins & other "fans" do not have access to the FB pages of individuals who "like" the biz page.

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