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South Shore Camping

I did not plan ahead very well for this summer to get my camping reservations established at the 6 month or 1 year window reservations open up. Probably for the best as this encourages some exploration. I’m looking for advice on campgrounds along the south shore of the Lake. I haven’t done much camping in Wisconsin — a few nights on Madeline — that’s it [not including sleeping in the car in Superior]. Anybody willing to share their favorite camping spots in northern Wisconsin? I don’t need hook-ups or showers or KOA amenities. A developed swimming area and beach would be nice, as the kids will be in tow.

Alpine ski referral

Looking to change up the ski scene a bit and am wondering what’s worth a 6-8 hour drive from Duluth?  Or with that limitation, should one stick with Lutsen or Giant’s Ridge?

Candy Calculation?

Lundgren has published at length on Return On Investment when considering package liquor, beer and transportation and I believe I recently saw some discussion on variables to consider when putting a Halloween costume together. Has anybody come up with an algorithm, equation or model for predicting how much Halloween candy to stage for distribution? Last year, I had to recycle the stuff the kids brought home and based this year’s purchase off that. Now we are stuck with seven pounds of Reese’s [at least we predicted there would be left overs]. Anybody identified trends or tricks used with this annual purchase?

LCD Projector Recomendation

I’m thinking about getting an LCD projector for work. It needs to be portable, but not compact – I don’t plan on taking it on a plane.  My application is primarily marketing presentations, not heavy on video or high end graphics.  I’ll be using it about twice a month.  Any recommendations for makes, models or vendors?

iPhone App Suggestions

Heading on a family trip with a four year old and a seven year old.  Suggestions for educational or entertaining iPhone apps for the kids would be appreciated.

Travel Advice

Heading to Park City in June with my wife and kids [ages 4 and 6].  I’m looking for advice on a route and adventure along the way.  We are looking to mix up camping and some more traditional resort/hotel/cabin accommodations.

CleanBar – Sober Networking Event


Clean Recovery Services Presents Mark Lundholm

Mark Lundholm | CSS | Sept 17

Mark Lundholm | CSS | Sept 17

Short Term Lease Needed

I’m looking for a lead on a 2-3 bedroom apartment or house meeting the following criteria: (1) within 10 minute walk to CSS or (2) along direct bus route (i.e. no transfers). I need the lease through 2009, possibly extending month by month into 2010. email me directly: recovery at css.edu

Looking for Randy Lee – or equivalent

Clean.  recovery - for life.


I’m looking for somebody to provide about 60 minutes of “background” music for an event being held at St. Scholastica on September 17th [I’ll post more on that later]. Need to find a group who can set the vibe. T-57 is busy. Randy Lee was suggested – anybody know how I can get a hold of him or similar alternative? You can email me directly: recovery at css.edu

Been a Voyageur???

Myself, another father, and 4 kids are planning a trip to Voyageurs National Park in early August. Any advice on entry point, camp sites, places of interest, etc. would be appreciated.

Palin 2012

No shit – I just saw a “Palin for President – 2012” on the digital billboard set up by the Enterprise Rental Shop. That went up fast.