CleanBar – Sober Networking Event



Danny G

about 15 years ago

Sober networking?  FUN!


about 15 years ago

Indoctrination, now with less fictional stories!


about 15 years ago

I stuck my head in the door, couldn't stay long, but it was a really great scene.  People playing cards in one corner, ping pong and wii upstairs, a great DJ and really nice vibe at the coffee bar.  Everyone sober, in a good mood and savoring the situation - many of them new to the life after a really hard time with addiction to drugs and alcohol. 

Yes Danny, sobriety is a lot of fun much of the time.  Usually its the people who were the life of many parties for years that are all now concentrated into one batch at sober events so ... they know how to party, no doubt about that.  Nothing against anyone anywhere, so please don't take offense, but I will say that there are hundreds maybe thousands of people in this town whom I know or who (think they) know me and of all of those people -generally speaking- the ones I always know I can count on for anything, come rain or come shine, are the "clean" people.  How's that for a sober networking testimonial?


about 15 years ago

I have totally neutral opinions about this and not even one snarky comment, alas. But it does remind me of my barista days at several coffee shops in Minneapolis. 

The newly-sober patrons were always the most annoying; drining a gallon of coffee in the span of two hours, smoking 2.5 packs of Camel Filters in the same amount of time, while incessantly yacking about their new "cleanliness and freedom".

OK, so it's a little snarky.

sober fkn sober

about 15 years ago

snarky? LOL

i just wanted to comment


about 15 years ago

Vicarious forgot to mention what terrible tippers we can be since, almost no one has a job in the early days, lol.  And those that do have a job are paying for the gallons of coffee and cigarettes for everyone else (double lol)

But ...

There's a difference between your note, and the bitterness or just cluelessness I sensed in the earlier two.


about 15 years ago

I think MevDev was talking about the Jesus angle - not the no booze angle....

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