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Did Marilyn Manson rip off Bone Appetit?

Bone Appetit photo by Barrett Chase

People are speculating that “Running to the End of the World,” a song off Marilyn Manson’s latest album “The High End of Low,” bears an uncanny resemblance to our beloved hometown heroes’ seminal ballad, “Drive Away.” Stick with this story: Controversy (and hilarity) are bound to ensue.

Where is it?

Teal Doors

Homegrown 2009 Photo Retrospective

View the full set of 495 images from Homegrown 2009 on Flickr.

Homegrown Tags

So Homegrown has begun, and you kids and your crazy cameras will undoubtedly be shooting everything in sight and posting the photos to Flickr. By the power vested in me by being the person who’s declared it without authority in the past (though it seemed to work — 2007 slideshow | 2008 slideshow) I declare the official Homegrown Flickr tag to be homegrownmusicfestival2009. If everyone simply tags their photos, we’ll be able to easily find cool shots of all the stuff we missed. I’ll post a slideshow here on PDD on Sunday so we can all recall the memories.

But the question that’s up for grabs is: What will the official Homegrown Twitter hash-tag be? #duluthhomegrown? #homegrownduluth? Simply #homegrown? Something else? Discuss.

One more thing: I stole this photo from Rich Narum. He’s a kickass photographer.

A Small Request


Can we all please STOP referring to this place as “Carmody’s”? The name of the bar is Carmody. Singular. Or, alternatively, Carmody Irish Pub.

It does not belong to a person named Carmody. Look at the sign. There is no apostrophe. There is no “S.”

Carmody. Plain and simple.

Anything else sounds, well, kind of stupid.

Bangkok Royal?


I know it’s a sometimes losing proposition to ask PDDers for their opinions on restaurants (half usually judge food based solely on price, while the other half have such oh-so-sensitive palates that anything served between the two coasts is intolerable and repulsive*) but nonetheless, here I go.

Has anyone eaten at the Bangkok Royal located in the Village Square Mall? What was your experience like?

*Please realize that I’m exaggerating here. And forgive me for coming across like a royal bangkok.

Whack Job Yard Art: Can I Get an Extension?

Whack Job 1

Whack Job 2

OK, so it’s after 10 p.m., but I thought I had until midnight to enter the Wacko Yard-art Photo Scavenger Hunt. Nonetheless, I’d like to submit these beauties.

These signs are located on Highway 53 near Cotton. I took these photos today, but the guy who makes these signs changes them every now and then. I remember back during the whole French Fries/Freedom Fries debate, he had a sign up that said, “Piss on the Poodles” with a picture of a French flag and, of course, a poodle.

When I was a kid, my family had a cabin near Cotton, and these signs always entertained me. Also, back then he had a sign advertising timber wolf pups for sale, which would always stir elaborate Jack London-esque fantasies in my young mind.

Anyway, I know I’m late. But I still wanted to share these pics. Perhaps I can get an honorable mention.

Tough day in the O.R.?


Loiselle Liquor understands, and is there to fill your needs.

I think it’s actually the word “daily” that I find most alarming.

Vandalism, Art, or Insanity?

Installation 1

Taking advantage of the nice weather today, I went for a walk in Leif Erickson Park, where I found several of these “installations” for lack of a better word. If you can’t quite make it out, these are eggs stuffed into pantyhose and thrown up into a tree.


Listen to Final Edition this Friday, March 13 to hear a discussion with Mike Simonson about the current state of blogging and journalism.

Barrett Chase of Perfect Duluth Day (that’s me!)
Beth Jett of Fox 21 (their website launched today)
Aaron Brown of Minnesota Brown (who also teaches journalism at Hibbing Community College)

KUWS 91.3 FM
Friday, March 13

Bill Holm dead at 65

Bill Holm

I saw him read a couple of times since I first learned about his writing 15 years ago. Always captivating, always fascinating. Sometimes hilarious. Other times poignant.

He’ll truly be missed.

Details here. [via]

Duluth’s Rear Ends

You said it, not me.

Whenever I’m out on the roads, I always seem to find myself behind people who are expressing themselves. If I’m at a stoplight, or in the passenger seat, or on foot, I always try to take a photo. After the jump are some of the best shots I’ve taken of this sort.

[Potentially NSFW due to language! Consider yourself warned.]

Creating a Gravatar

By now you may have noticed PDD’s Gravatars, the little personalized images that appear next to each of the comments. Some people already have personalized Gravatars, but right now your comments probably display our default image. Want a personalized Gravatar of your own? It’s easy.

How do I get my own Gravatar?

Click here to visit and upload your own image. You will have to sign up for a free account at that site. All you need is an image and an email address.

When you return to PDD, simply use the same email address you used at Your images should automatically appear whenever you make comments on this or any other site that enables Gravatars.

Should you need this information in the future, we’ve created a page in the help section.

Crazy Sortation Options

Okay, so while it’s pretty thin right now, I want to talk a bit about my favorite feature of the new PDD. The one that’s capable of revolutionizing the way I read the website. Author archives.

I bet you didn’t even know there were author archives. You’ll notice that under each post’s title, the author’s name is actually a hyperlink. Click it to see a list of everything that person has posted since PDD’s upgrade. Sure, there’s not much there now. But imagine a couple years’ worth of posts.

Here are some things that I find exciting about this feature.

1.) Individual sub-blogs. Think about it: If you can, in one click, see all posts made by one particular person, well, that’s a blog of its own, right? You can take a look at one person’s real estate in the PDD community. If you wanted to show someone the work you do at PDD, simply give them the link. It’s like a blog all your own.

1.a.) Author RSS feeds. You can even subscribe to an RSS feed for a particular PDD blogger, or link your own feed elsewhere on the web. We haven’t worked an automatic way to generate author feeds into the PDD system yet, but the feeds are there. is where each feed is located.

2) Bullshit detector. I’ve always held that every new thing you say on PDD carries the weight of everything you’ve previously said. The problem is, with so many members it’s hard to keep track of everyone’s ideals and history. Now, with one click you can easily read back-posts, and refresh your memory as to just what kind of an asshole or angel you’re dealing with.

I read recently that when confronted with new technology, a lot people just learn the rudimentary functions. Don’t be that person! PDD has crazy good features, customizable to fit your needs.

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