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So Homegrown has begun, and you kids and your crazy cameras will undoubtedly be shooting everything in sight and posting the photos to Flickr. By the power vested in me by being the person who’s declared it without authority in the past (though it seemed to work — 2007 slideshow | 2008 slideshow) I declare the official Homegrown Flickr tag to be homegrownmusicfestival2009. If everyone simply tags their photos, we’ll be able to easily find cool shots of all the stuff we missed. I’ll post a slideshow here on PDD on Sunday so we can all recall the memories.

But the question that’s up for grabs is: What will the official Homegrown Twitter hash-tag be? #duluthhomegrown? #homegrownduluth? Simply #homegrown? Something else? Discuss.

One more thing: I stole this photo from Rich Narum. He’s a kickass photographer.



about 14 years ago

How about the hash tag of #HG09


I'm lazy like that!!


about 14 years ago

#duluthhomegrown and #homegrownduluth - too long, but won't get confused with any other Twitter activity.

#homegrown - already has lots of Twitter activity related to it (aka hydroponics, 420, weed, et al).

There are a couple Tweets about Homegrown already.  Be sure to let these folks know about whatever #hashtab does end up getting used so they will continue to participate.  Find them here:



about 14 years ago

I like Rich's idea. With only 140 characters to spare, it's best to be brief.


about 14 years ago

Okay.  I started it.



about 14 years ago

"b" and "g" are located close together on the keyboard, sorry.

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