Bangkok Royal?


I know it’s a sometimes losing proposition to ask PDDers for their opinions on restaurants (half usually judge food based solely on price, while the other half have such oh-so-sensitive palates that anything served between the two coasts is intolerable and repulsive*) but nonetheless, here I go.

Has anyone eaten at the Bangkok Royal located in the Village Square Mall? What was your experience like?

*Please realize that I’m exaggerating here. And forgive me for coming across like a royal bangkok.



about 15 years ago

We had lunch there a month or so ago. I had Pad Thai and my hubby had a really great curry. Nice sized portions, and fresh ingredients. I would go back but I don't live close by so it's hit or miss. I wasn't as impressed with the sauce that came with the spring rolls...though the rolls themselves were very good.


about 15 years ago

I've been there a few times and liked it. The food was fresh, the prices were good, and there was a nice variety, including vegetarian offerings. Like Dulusion, I don't live up that way, and in fact try to spend as little time up in the mall area as possible, or I'd go there more often. I was just at Thai Krathong for their lunch buffet. It's pricy ($12) but well worth it. Amazing we have 3 excellent Thai restaurants in town, who woulda thunk it?


about 15 years ago

I liked it.  Had lunch there with my banker and she also liked it.


about 15 years ago

When we had dinner there last, we knew most of the people dining there. That's always a good sign, as I like to think my friends and acquaintances have good taste.

Lane R. Ellis

about 15 years ago

Here's my Google Maps review of Bangkok Royale:

"Magical and Delicious Thai Food in Duluth, Minnesota at Bangkok Royal"‎ by Lane R. Ellis, Dec 18, 2008

I was delighted with my first meal at Bangkok Royal in Duluth, Minnesota this evening, and now look forward to returning soon for more of this new restaurant's delicious and unapologetically-authentic Thai cuisine.
My fellow diners and I, three of us vegetarians, were treated to lightly-coated tempura vegetables served with a flavorful homemade peanut sauce, snappy and fresh spring rolls with mint, and a selection of four fantastic main dishes including a soup-like dish (not quite Pho) loaded with lime leaf, lemon grass, a thinly-sliced ginger-like root vegetable, very nicely done tofu, and mushroom and other fresh vegetables. My wife's green curry dish was wonderful as well, with layers of hot flavors and beautiful colors under a well-done sauce.
We experienced excellent service in a pleasant setting that included a large dining area complete with a section of three or four low tables with pits underneath to eat in a more traditional Thai fashion.
Bangkok Royal also serves wine and beer ; I enjoyed a Lake Superior Oatmeal Stout, and look forward to returning to what I consider to be a little bit of Thai food magic in Duluth, Minnesota.


about 15 years ago

I dined there with three others, all of us considering ourselves experts in westernized Thai cuisine, and only one of us having actually lived in several parts of Thailand for a couple years.

Our group concurred that the food was tasty, but, compared to the tens of other Thai places we've frequented, it left much to be desired, especially considering the ambiance suggesting some very exquisite plates.

Appetizers were so-so.  Egg roll sauce not hot enough.  Peanut sauce better than Thai Krathong's.  They also actually give you cucumbers in their cucumber relish, which is awesome.

Their selection omitted my dad's favorite dish (chicken cashew chili), and my favorite was positively bland.

Also, the wait staff was inexperienced.  Picture...

Stoned waitress perusing the menu when we asked her how spicy we could order -- like 1-10 at Krathong.  She peruses the menu a bit, then says, "Yes, you can specify 1 to 4 spiciness", to which we respond, "Can you get it really spicy?".  "Yes," she says, "You can order it 4."  3 stars, by the way, was exceptionally bland to our palates.

Nice place, though.  Too pricey for a limited menu and pretentious glow, IMHO.  That may have changed.  We ate their right when they first opened.  YMMV.


about 15 years ago

It was good.
Atmosphere was a bit unnervingly nice, but perhaps I was feeling out of place in my hoodie and jeans.

Krathong and Sala Thai are good too.
I like prepared food.
I have never been to Thailand.


about 15 years ago

Carla:  Who still eats with their banker these days?  Glad to hear someone who cares enough about customers to take them out to lunch still has a job. Maybe there is hope in this economy. 

I think that I went to this place once before and wasn't impressed.  Maybe because I came in like 15 minutes before opening (accidentally) and they weren't very ready to serve or deal with customers.  Something like that.  Good service and hospitality are very important to me.  Usually more important than things like menu and lighting.


about 15 years ago

I've been to Thailand, but I don't expect an American restaurant to exactly replicate the flavors of the cuisines of another country. I just want good food, fresh food, that even somewhat approximates whichever cuisine the restaurant claims to specialize in. I'm just happy that Duluth has so many more interesting dining-out options than it did when I moved here 15 years ago. Who knows, maybe someday there'll be a sushi joint on every street corner like there is in NYC and SF.


about 15 years ago

Last night, I had to venture up to Petco. I also picked up some thai food at Bangkok Royal and brought it home for dinner. I got the appetizer sampler, jumping shrimp salad, red curry chicken, and pad thai. It was way, way too much food for 2 adults and a kid who decided she didn't want to eat Thai food after all, b/c she was in the mood for mac & cheese, even though she thought the food all smelled heavenly. It was pretty good, esp. the pad thai and the chicken curry. I liked the shrimp in the jumping shrimp salad, but the rest of it was only ok. The apps were good, and I loved the peanut sauce with the chicken satay. I asked for the chicken curry medium spicy, the guy asked how spicy on a scale of 1-10, I said 7. We could have done with a 5, it was pretty spicy -- and I can handle spice, I lived in college with a woman from Bangladesh who encouraged me to put Tabasco on everything like she did. Anyway, while the prices were a little on the high side for the entrees, the portions are absolutely huge. We would have been fine ordering the app sampler and one entree. We'll be eating pad thai for the next few days, which is fine by me, I ate some for breakfast this morning. Sadly, it was 6:45 pm on a Saturday night and there were only about half a dozen tables filled. But I think it has to do with the location, it's a pain to find and just out of the way. But the food is as good as any of the other places in town, and there are items on their menu that we love but don't see on the other Thai places in town's menus (like larb).


about 15 years ago

the ginger beef and chicken are great

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