Red pennants make sliding safe for kids at street intersections

An update to the post “Sledding Duluth’s Avenues in 1921“:

By 1922 it was determined that the safe thing to do is hang red pennants to warn drivers about popular sledding intersections.

From the Feb. 1, 1922 issue of the Duluth Herald:

Boy Scouts post coasting warnings

Iron standards from which are hung red pennants have been posted at the right-hand side of intersections of streets where coasting is allowed. These were put up recently by Boy Scouts, with assistance of the police department.

At practically every intersection of streets used for coasting in Duluth these pennants have been placed to warn traffic that children may be coasting on the street and that careful driving is necessary. This step has revived coasting to such a degree that every evening hundreds of Duluthians are now enjoying the sport.

The iron rods that hold the pennants themselves were purchased through money furnished by the Duluth Rotary club. More than 200 rods and pennants have been put up in various sections of the city.

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about 2 years ago

Very cool! Makes me want to sled down some avenues

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