Boxing Day 2009 Sledding Conditions: Horrible!

Today’s report is from Lincoln Park. It was well packed down yesterday, and frozen rock-hard today. So, the speed on the way down is totally out of control, and the ride is full of solid bumps that threaten to permanently damage one’s sphincter ani externus muscle.

At the bottom of the hill is a giant slush pond. If you abort your mission and jump out of the sled, you increase the odds of experiencing the aforementioned injury. If you stay in your sled, get ready to be wet.

All in all, it’s still fun. And nine times out of ten, when kids crash into a tree and say, “I can’t feel my legs,” they’re just trying to get attention.



about 13 years ago

I began construction on a frontyard to backyard luge run on Christmas, thinking if I could get the basic shape made from the slush, I would have an inpenetrable wall of ice forming the curves. This would then be coated by light fluffy snow as the weather changed. So far it seems to just be jagged pointy crust waiting to destroy any sled that comes near it.


about 13 years ago

Mine is faring a little better, though I have a couple of low spots to deal with. I tromped things down with my snowshoes yesterday and got a nice deep bed packed down. As it comes round to the front of the house, it banks left and uses the natural slope of the yard to maintain velocity.


about 13 years ago

The frozen slushy luge run type of track is what left me with that most awesome scar on the back on my cranium.


about 13 years ago

Since they plowed the path in Lincoln Park it now looks as though someone planned it to be a skating path. Usually I see 3-4 people in the park, this morning, nobody.

I'm sure some city employee was thinking he/she was doing something nice by plowing the path and now it is 2-3 inches of nice flat slippery ice.

Thanks !


about 13 years ago

Candace Renalls had this great article about 100 snowblowers being brought in to Denny's with broken gears and shear pins due to the heaviness of this snow. 

Interesting PDD style debate in the comments section about how budget cuts have led to slower response times for plows and trucks, which lead to harder to remove ice later on.

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