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Going without garbage service

I use Hartel DBJ as my garbage hauler and it is a great company, but I hardly produce any waste during a month. I am wondering if anyone in Duluth goes without garbage service. Can a person bring trash to a collection site and pay a fee whenever the garbage can is full? How about recycling? Are there places to bring those items?

I called WLSSD yesterday and they said they don’t take household waste and a person must have a provider to take away trash.

Mean Beans Espresso & Creams

I just moved into the Chester Area and have noticed that Mean Beans hasn’t been open for the past couple of days. Does anyone know if they have closed the doors for good?

Where in Duluth?

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Boreal Bicycle Works

Last week I was tooling around town on my bicycle when I stumbled upon this business. I have never heard any of my cycling friends mention this shop. It opened in 2001, but when did it close? Heck, it might even still be open. There are some Christmas lights on in the window.

Do people have stories/history about this business?