Old Seven Bridges Road sled hill

I remember fondly tubing down a hill on Seven Bridges Road. You used to be able to rent tubes from the chalet. They have a nice lighted trail system for cross-country skiing at Lester Park. What would be needed to get the sled hill going again?



about 10 years ago

You would need a big liability policy.


about 10 years ago

Sounds like you'd need:
 - a toboggan


about 10 years ago

IMO if you got a bunch of friends to go and pack the snow pretty early, then you might be able to sled there this year. The vegetation would need to be trimmed in order to avoid that in the future. 

But I agree -- liability = huge.  Also no chalet and no hockey there either anymore.

Michael Rentz

about 10 years ago

I believe it is "officially" closed to sledding.  I am leaving to go use it in a bit, however.  I know the city had a crew plant trees there this summer to reclaim the hill.  I told the city person and the UMD prof who led the planting (with a smile, they are good people) that it would not stop us :)

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