Duluth Trivia Board Game

Savers is a wonderful thing. For $1.99, I picked up a Duluth Trivia board game.

Some doozies:

1. What was on the roof of the former Goldfines building on Garfield Avenue?
2. What business is located there now? (It’s still there, I think.)
3. What movie starring Patty Duke was filmed at Glensheen?
4. For many years, the Duluth Zoo had the only living specimen in the US of one animal. Name that animal.

Some cards are surely sponsored, some by businesses long dead.

  • One asks “What was the location of the first McGregor-Soderstrom store?”
  • (What was McGregor-Soderstrom?)

Another asks “What freeway exit do you take to get to Thompson’s Freeway Standard?” “What is the name of the blue and gold macaw that resides at Animal Crackers?” Another asks about “Wheel’N Inn, Rathert Chevrolet, Ridgeview Lanes, Prindle Jones Co., Ben Franklin (about the Kenwood location), the Duluth Academy (a cosmetology college).

One card asks “What was the first delivery vehicle used by Dave’s Pizza?” How was anyone supposed to know that? It also asks you to name eight toppings available at Dave’s pizza.

This business I know still exists, as I thumb through these:

  • “What year did the first Video Vision store open in Duluth?”
  • “A VCR & 3 movies rented overnight is called a ____? (Party Pak)

I’ll post more as long as it seems fun to do so.



about 7 years ago

We need photos of your miraculous find!!!


about 7 years ago

1. Pilot House from an ore boat
2. Goodwill 
3. You'll Like My Mother
4. A mongoose named Mr. Magoo
These were easy (for a native Duluthian of a certain vintage).


about 7 years ago

McGregor-Soderstrom was a men's clothing  store.  They were in fierce  competition with Foreman & Clark. They both went the way of the leisure suit...


about 7 years ago

We had the only mongoose in the U.S. by mistake. It was (& maybe still is) illegal to have a mongoose for fear they would reproduce like rabbits and carry disease. Mr. Magoo was a stow-away on a saltie who was given to the zoo. When then director Basil Norton was informed of the federal ban on mongoose, the animal was put down and stuffed. He was displayed in the old main entry aling with  other taxidermical wonders.


about 7 years ago

I just looked up Mr. Magoo again after taking the PDD quiz. Mr. Magoo did in fact get a pardon from President Kennedy and was allowed to keep his "immigrant status" and died a natural death before being stuffed in 1968.

David Beard

about 7 years ago

I'll post a few more, and a picture, next week.

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