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It’s Nerd High Culture in Duluth this week.

Looking back … The Duluth Art Institute hosted wrestling — real, honest-to-goodness wrestling, as part of the opening of a new exhibit on Saturday.

The exhibit, called “Strongman: Joe Klander” is on display until June 18. It “features drawings and full-scale dioramas exploring the wrestling heroes and strongmen of his youth, including the ultimate action figure of his day: Arnold Schwarzenegger. An accompanying documentary video by Mike Scholtz, The Mask Behind the Man, explores Klander’s multiple roles as artist, father, ophthalmology technician and wrestler.”

On Wednesday Duluth entrepreneur and city councilor Elissa Hansen is offering a TED talk, with music by Emily Haavik.

Thursday night will be Nerd Nite, with speakers yet to be announced but always awesome.

And Saturday, local gaming convention Berserkon will happen. If you game, this is where you need to be this weekend.

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Paul Lundgren

about 3 years ago

I'm not sure I remember this with 100 percent accuracy, but I believe at the wrasslin' matches Cooter Bocephus was announced as "weighing in at a rooster and a billy goat."

One interesting thing to observe at the show was how terrified the younger children were.

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