DTA Woodland Windjammer, Crosley Clipper, et. al.

The quest is to settle a bet. Whether there’s enough evidence so far to settle it will have to be up to the wagerers.

Former Duluthian Daniel Heinan, now living in Los Angeles, sent the following email:

My friends don’t believe that there was a DTA bus line called the Woodland Wind Jammer. There was even the Crosley Clipper. They existed in the 1980s and early 1990s. Can you help me prove them wrong?

What an inside source at the Duluth Transit Authority reports:

A long-time employee and former driver tells the tale of not just the Woodland Wind Jammer and the Crosley Clipper, but also the Proctor Pacer and the Superior Streaker. These were all express routes, designed to get people downtown as soon as possible. He thought there might have even been a contest to name them.

Alas, a search through the DTA library resulted in no physical proof, but I trust my source.

So there we have it. Anyone with hard evidence should obviously come forward, but so far the jury would have to lean heavily in favor of the Windjammer and Clipper being actual former DTA bus route names.



about 8 years ago

I lived in the Lakeside neighborhood in the appropriate time frame and rode the DTA a lot. I have a distinct memory of the Crosley Clipper, and of the DTA having express service to the Lakeside/Lester Park neighborhoods during the peak commuting time. 

I wonder if there are any collectors of bus schedules out there who would have physical proof?

David Beard

about 8 years ago

Wouldn't the DNT tell us?


about 8 years ago

I used to take the Crosley Clipper in high school.

The Duluth-Superior Metropolitan Interstate Council has a PDF that lists the Proctor Pacer, Crosley Clipper, Woodland Windjammer and Superior Streaker.

Table 5d DTA Revenue Miles

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