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Where in Duluth?

[This post originally contained an embedded image from that is no longer available at its source.]

Where can this Big Dipper be found in Duluth? (Offer void to those who saw my Nerd Nite presentation – you already had your chance to guess.)

This was difficult at Nerd Nite, so I’ll post more pictures if nobody gets it.

And no, the answer isn’t Sacred Heart at 7:30PM on April 9.

Park Point Questions

What is the longest freshwater sandbar in the world? Wikipedia’s Minnesota Point page says that Minnesota Point and Wisconsin Pont combined make the largest freshwater sandbar, and someone at UMD says Park Point alone is the longest. However, a Vista Fleet tour guide said that Minnesota Point was the second longest freshwater sandbar, and a Google search for “second longest freshwater sandbar” finds many references to Park Point.