Where in Duluth?

[This post originally contained an embedded image from hethrael.org that is no longer available at its source.]

Where can this Big Dipper be found in Duluth? (Offer void to those who saw my Nerd Nite presentation – you already had your chance to guess.)

This was difficult at Nerd Nite, so I’ll post more pictures if nobody gets it.

And no, the answer isn’t Sacred Heart at 7:30PM on April 9.



about 13 years ago

That looks like the skywalk to the DECC. They got a grant to have artsy stuff in the hallway when the added the harborside convention rooms.


about 13 years ago

West duluth st louis river


about 13 years ago

Shane is right. It's the skywalk to the DECC, right next to the Harbor Side Convention Center:


Both the Big Dipper and Little Dipper are in the ceiling. The skylight is the North Star. (I think the fire sprinkler head in the Big Dipper is the star HD 102328.)

I wonder if they ever turn the lights on.

Thanks for mentioning why it was built—I wondered about that, too. SJA Architects was the architect of record for it; they have a wider-angle picture of it as well (second image from the left). Does anyone have any more info on it?

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